Report: Ohio State asks NCAA to reinstate star DL Chase Young immediately

The Ohio State Buckeyes are reportedly stepping up their efforts to get star defensive lineman Chase Young reinstated by the NCAA.

According to Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports, the school is expected to submit a written report this week requesting the immediate reinstatement of Young. The Buckeyes are holding Young out of games after he admitted to receiving a loan from a family friend to fly his girlfriend to the Rose Bowl last year, which he repaid.

No determination has been made by the NCAA over how many games Young will miss. The school must prove that Young and his family friend had a “preexisting relationship” that was not related to Young’s athletic ability. They are also expected to be asked why Young waited so long to admit to receiving the loan. The fact that Young repaid the loan, however, is expected to work in his favor.

Regardless of how the process goes, Young is viewed as unlikely to play against Rutgers this weekend. The Buckeyes are unlikely to need him to win that game but will want him back on the field for major showdowns with Penn State and Michigan, if possible.

Initial reporting that Young is likely to be suspended four games appears to be inaccurate, at least for now, though that is the maximum suspension he could face if the loan was for more than $800. No determination has been made yet, but there appear to be some factors working in Young’s favor.

By: Grey Papke

Preview Of College Football Playoff Rankings

Written by Lorenzo Arguello at

Halloween is a special day for college football fans this year. It’s the first day of the 2017 season that we get to freak out over the College Football Playoff rankings. We’ll freak out even though we know the rankings will most likely be drastically different by the time the playoff field is set in December. We’ll freak out because [INSERT MY TEAM] is too low. And we’ll freak out because [INSERT MY RIVAL] is too high.

Projecting what the selection committee’s entire Top 25 will look like would be too much fruitless guesswork. Let’s stick with fewer teams here. Based on how the previous three seasons of CFP rankings have gone and what we’ve seen on the field thus far, here’s our best guess for the top six:

1. Georgia
2. Alabama
3. Notre Dame
4. Ohio State
5. Oklahoma
6. Clemson

In order to explain our reasoning for the speculation above and to prepare you for an evening of yelling at your TV about stuff that doesn’t really matter that much—Mississippi State was No. 1 in the first-ever CFP rankings in 2014, remember—we’ve broken down three major themes to keep an eye on when the rankings are released Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN.


Bama was the preseason No. 1 in every poll. Bama is still No. 1 in every poll. Bama is the college football Death Star. Bama is the corporate behemoth out to destroy your college football ma-and-pa shops. But Bama may well be No. 2 this week.

Georgia has two wins against current AP Top 25 teams, Notre Dame and Mississippi State. Meanwhile, Alabama has zero wins in this category, with its top résumé-building victory coming against a so-so Texas A&M squad that has fallen out of the rankings after suffering its third loss of the season.

Alabama can still beef up its résumé with remaining games against LSU, Mississippi State and Auburn. And of course, barring weirdness of epic proportions, these two teams will meet in the SEC title game with at least one playoff spot on the line, if not merely the pecking order for two spots.

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Ohio State Upsets Penn State On Saturday Night

Written by Chuck Culpepper at Washington

They had treated their nerves and their stomachs to that common excruciation of fandom, that of witnessing a beloved team slipping and climbing and whittling and slipping at a deficit that spent all day long howling and menacing. Then they had treated the backs of their necks to that uncommon exhilaration, that of the comeback that occurs after doom has been half-digested, the comeback from harsh scores such as 21-3 and 28-10 and 35-20 and then 38-27 with 5:42 left.

Yet as so many of the 109,302 here Saturday left their seats and their senses and streamed out onto the field in a big, delirious blob under a brooding Big Ten sky, after No. 6 Ohio State overcame No. 2 Penn State, 39-38, they had seen something else, beyond even a reminder that American college football is one of the most kaleidoscopic damned things extant. In a four-hour fray stuffed senseless with pivotal plays, they had seen a brilliance calm enough to look almost unnatural.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever had more respect for a human being,” Ohio State Coach Urban Meyer said, before sorting back quickly through 31 coaching years and 202 head-coaching games to call it “one of the best [games] I’ve ever seen a quarterback play.”

Urban Meyer Calls Out Lying Coaches. He Also Had a “Heart Attack” While at Florida

Written by Dan Murphy at

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer said Thursday he’s in favor of simple and severe penalties for anyone caught lying to the NCAA.

“If you intentionally lie about committing violations, your career is over,” Meyer said during a call-in radio show on 97.1 The Fan in Columbus. “You’re not suspended for two games (or) some of the silly penalties you have, you can’t talk to a recruit for a week and a half or something like that. No. You’re finished. That will clean up some things.”

Meyer’s call for a zero-tolerance policy on deception this week came when he was asked for his thoughts on an FBI investigation that shed some light on the back channels through which college basketball coaches and professional agents pay for players. He lamented the fact that it took the power of federal subpoenas and the threat of time behind bars to make some headway in exposing the inner workings of some of college sports’ worst-kept secrets.

Meyer said he didn’t fault the NCAA employees for not being able to root out those who undermine their attempts at amateurism because they aren’t given strong enough consequences to compel coaches and others in the system to tell the truth. The coach said that players who are found to have lied to NCAA investigators are no longer allowed to play, and coaches should be held to the same standard when it comes to major violations and willful deception.

“I’m not talking about mistakes made when you have a rulebook like this,” Meyer said. “But if you intentionally pay a guy money or willfully have a second cell phone to make illegal phone calls, you’re done. You can never coach again.”

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Ohio State Steamrolls Indiana

Written by Ryan McGee at

Headed into the 2017 college football season, the Ohio State Buckeyes promised us that they were going to expand their offensive menu. For the first few hours of the new season, they gave us the familiar taste of melba toast. Then, just as social media, the national media and even the fans who’d followed them into the grandstands of enemy territory all began to turn on the team, they turned up the heat. A much-needed douse of hot sauce that quickly brought the nation back around to the second-ranked Buckeyes as a national title contender.

“We haven’t thrown it deep around here in a minute,” head coach Urban Meyer said at night’s end, staring at a stat sheet from the 49-21 win over Indiana. “And we looked like we hadn’t in a while, didn’t we?”

Meyer, he of the once-cutting-edge spread option, spent spring and August practice grinning and smiling and talking about “reviving the deep ball” and swearing that his bland Big Ten meatloaf would this season come with a side — not a full serving, a side, let’s not go crazy here — of some Big 12-ish willingness to throw the football downfield.

After all, he’d hired a new offensive coordinator, discarded former Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson, a man who’d made his name in the world of Big 12 scoreboard-tilting madness, working as offensive coordinator at Oklahoma in the 50-points-per-game Sam Bradford era. During his time at the wheel in Bloomington, his offenses had posted the second most points per game of any Big Ten team versus Meyer’s Ohio State juggernaut. And it just so happened that Wilson would be making his Ohio State debut calling plays against the team that fired him, packed with defensive coaches he’d hired and defensive players he’d recruited.


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Greg Schiano Has High Praise For Current OSU D-Line

Written by ESPN News Staff at

Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano had high praise for his current defensive line, calling it the most talented he has coached, including in the NFL.

“It is, and that’s not a joke,” Schiano said Saturday in an interview with the Big Ten Network, when asked if this is the most talented group he has coached at any level.

Schiano was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ head coach in 2012 and ’13. The Bucs’ defensive line included Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, current Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett (who had nine sacks for Tampa Bay in 2012) and former first-round pick Adrian Clayborn.

“We had a great player in Tampa in Gerald McCoy. Tremendous player, but that was one guy,” Schiano said. “I go back to my days in Miami in ’99 and 2000, and this is clearly a better group.”

The Buckeyes’ defensive line includes senior defensive end Tyquan Lewis and junior defensive end Sam Hubbard, who both are expected to be first-round picks in the 2018 NFL draft. Lewis led the Buckeyes with eight sacks last season, while Hubbard had 3.5.

The line also includes senior defensive end Jalyn Holmes, sophomore defensive end Nick Bosa (who was second on the team with five sacks last season), sophomore defensive tackle Dre’Mont Jones and freshman defensive end Jonathon Cooper.

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OSU Reached Out To Greg McDermott For Head Coaching Vacancy

Written by Matt Bonesteel at Washington

Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith is moving fast to replace fired men’s basketball coach Thad Matta, with ESPN’s Jeff Goodman reporting and CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish confirming Wednesday that he has offered the job to Creighton Coach Greg McDermott. Smith flew to Omaha to meet with McDermott on Wednesday night, multiple reports say, before returning to Columbus alone and telling the Columbus Dispatch that no deal is complete.

According to the Dispatch, Smith told two of the Buckeyes seniors that he’d name a new coach by Friday, and with an important recruiting period on tap for next month, there is a certain amount of urgency in Columbus thanks to the odd timing of Matta’s firing Monday.

McDermott, 52, shepherded the Bluejays in their move from the Missouri Valley to the Big East and has led them to four NCAA tournament appearances in seven seasons, though he’s never advanced past the second round. Previously, he coached Northern Iowa to three NCAA tournament bids from 2001 to 2006 — losing in the first round all three times — and then spent four seasons at Iowa State, where he failed to lead the Cyclones to a winning record.

Smith was the athletic director at Iowa State from 1993 to 2000, and while his tenure in Ames didn’t overlap with McDermott’s, it did with the playing career of Fred Hoiberg, now coach of the NBA’s Chicago Bulls. Hoiberg reportedly was on Smith’s list to replace Matta, but he told the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday that he had no interest in the Ohio State position.

“Any time your name is associated with a great job, it’s an honor,” said Hoiberg, who replaced McDermott as Iowa State’s coach in 2010 before taking the NBA job. “But I’m coach of the Bulls and have no intention of leaving.”

The Dispatch’s Adam Jardy also reported Wednesday that Smith had interviewed Buckeyes assistant Chris Jent for the job and that West Virginia’s Bob Huggins, Virginia Tech’s Buzz Williams and Golden State Warriors assistant Mike Brown were also under consideration. Jardy says Smith will go to Cleveland to talk to Brown about the job on Thursday, between Games 3 and 4 of Golden State’s NBA Finals series against the Cavaliers. Arizona’s Sean Miller and Xavier’s Chris Mack, meanwhile, both have removed themselves from consideration, Jardy says.

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Thad Matta Out At Ohio State

Written by Jeff Goodman and Jeff Borzello at

Thad Matta will no longer be the men’s basketball coach at Ohio State, effective immediately, the university announced Monday.

Athletic director Gene Smith said a conversation between him and Matta led to the determination that a change was needed.

“I felt comfortable after the season when I sat down with Thad that we had a plan. [But] recruiting is a major part of it, and we weren’t winning the recruiting battles,” Smith said. “As we started talking about it Friday, the flow of the conversation took me to the realization as I said to him, ‘This might be the time to make a leadership change,’ and he agreed.”

One source told ESPN that Matta wanted to keep coaching. At a news conference Monday, Matta said “never say never” to the possibility of him returning to the sideline.

Matta mentioned “trying to get healthy” as one reason for leaving the job. He has battled health issues for much of his time in Columbus, including emergency back surgery in 2007. He wears a brace on his right foot due to nerve damage.

“This has probably been the greatest 13 years of my life,” Matta said, his voice breaking as he quoted lyrics from the Grateful Dead. “Sometimes the light’s all shinin’ on me, other times I can barely see. Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been.”

Smith said the Buckeyes will conduct a national search for their next coach. He also said Ohio State will honor the remaining three years on Matta’s contract.

Matta, who will turn 50 in July, had been the Buckeyes’ coach for 13 seasons. He went 337-123, winning at least 20 games in every season but 2016-17. Ohio State was ineligible for the postseason in Matta’s first season, 2004-05, but the Buckeyes went to the NCAA tournament in nine of the next 10 seasons.

However, Ohio State has struggled the past two seasons, failing to advance to the NCAA tournament. The Buckeyes were 17-15 last season and went to the NIT in 2015-16.

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College Football Games With Biggest Implications

Written by Andy Staples at

With the NCAA’s cases against Louisville, North Carolina and Ole Miss likely to yield news in the next few months, this space could get a little wonky. So let’s cleanse the palate today with a discussion of actual football.

We still have to wait three months before we can see one team play another, but it’s never too early to try to dissect the matchups. So for the fourth consecutive year, we’ll examine the Pivot Point games for teams across America.

What’s a Pivot Point game? It’s the game upon which a team’s season might turn. It isn’t necessarily a team’s biggest game. It might be an early-season matchup that predicts the future. (Think the Texas loss to Cal last September.) It might be an odd spot in the schedule. (Think Alabama playing at a fresh-off-an-open-date South Carolina at the end of a tough stretch in 2010.) Or it might simply be the most important game on the schedule. (Think LSU-Alabama or Clemson-Florida State in most recent years.)

No matter the reason for the Pivot Point, circling a few dates on the calendar will help us pass the time before the games begin…

Sept. 9

Oklahoma at Ohio State
Pivot point game for: Oklahoma, the Big 12 and Ohio State

The Big 12 has been left out of the College Football Playoff in two of its first three years. To buck that trend, the league’s best teams have got to win some marquee out-of-conference games. They don’t get much more marquee than this. The Sooners, who won the Big 12 but got whipped by Houston and Ohio State in their out-of-conference schedule in 2016, have a chance to put themselves and the league in a more comfortable position. But to do that, they’ll have to stop an offense that should be quite a bit better than the one that dominated their defense in Norman last season. Why? Former Oklahoma offensive coordinator (and Indiana head coach) Kevin Wilson is calling the plays in Columbus now. For the Buckeyes, this game could ease any lingering fears about the offense created by the shutout loss to Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl. Urban Meyer ran off co-coordinators Tim Beck and Ed Warinner and brought in Wilson to keep that from ever happening again, and an impressive display against the Big 12 favorite would help the Buckeyes’ confidence on that side of the ball.

Georgia at Notre Dame
Pivot point for: Notre Dame

The Fighting Irish will have had a chance to work out any kinks with their new offense and defense in the season-opener against Temple. Against the Bulldogs, Notre Dame can either leave behind the specter of a 4–8 2016 season or stoke fear of another collapse. A win or a close loss against Georgia should offer confidence that the Irish can compete with any team on the schedule. A blowout loss could foreshadow more ugliness. The back half of Notre Dame’s schedule is especially tough. It begins with a post-bye week visit from USC and also features visits from NC State and Navy. The Irish also have to play at Miami and Stanford during that slog. We should have a better idea how Notre Dame will fare during that stretch after seeing the Irish against Georgia.

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JT Barrett Returns for Senior Year, Could Own Every OSU QB Record Next Year

Written by Eric Seger at Eleven

However you feel about the fact J.T. Barrett is going to return to Ohio State for his senior season, you cannot deny his place in the annals of the program record book. Barrett is already the owner of 21 school records:

  • Career touchdowns responsible for — 100
  • Career touchdown passes — 69
  • Career passing yards per game — 177.3
  • Career completions — 529
  • Completions in a season — 233
  • Touchdowns responsible for in a season — 45 (also a Big Ten record)
  • Passing touchdowns in a season — 34
  • Total yards in a season — 3,772
  • Touchdown passes in a game — 6 (twice)
  • Touchdowns responsible for in a game — 7
  • Consecutive passes completed — 12
  • Season passing efficiency — 169.8
  • Most wins by a first-year starting QB — 11
  • Average total offensive yards, season — 314.3
  • Average total offensive yards, career — 249.2
  • Games gaining 200 or more yards of total offense, season — 11
  • Games gaining 300 or more yards of total offense, season — 7
  • Games gaining 400 or more yards of total offense, season — 1
  • Games gaining 200 or more yards of total offense, career — 26
  • Rushing yards by a quarterback, game — 189
  • Longest rush by an Ohio State quarterback — 86

*All stats from Ohio State athletics site

That lengthy list of laurels plus the fact he is 26-4 as a starting quarterback in his career, is a two-time winner of the Big Ten Griese-Brees Quarterback of the Year and 2016 winner of the Silver Football as the conference’s Most Valuable Player provides more than enough ammo to make an argument that Barrett is the best at his position in Ohio State history.

Fans complain about his spotty play this past season despite leading the Buckeyes to the College Football Playoff, though the fact Urban Meyer swiftly made changes to his offensive coaching staff provide enough belief that the coach has faith his quarterback can return to 2014 form when he set a Big Ten record for touchdowns in a season under the correct tutelage and a more consistent offensive line.

With a nod to Vico, here is where Barrett sits on the totem pole of Ohio State’s passing records for a game, season and career.

Art Schlichter 1981 458 31-52 (2/0) Joe Germaine 1998 3,330 230-384 (25/7) Art Schlichter 1978-1981 7,547 497-951 (50/46)
Joe Germaine 1997 378 29-43 (2/2) Bobby Hoying 1995 3,269 211-341 (29/12) Bobby Hoying 1992-1995 7,232 498-858 (57/35)
Greg Frey 1989 362 20-31 (3/1) J.T. Barrett 2014 2,834 203-314 (34/10) J.T. Barrett 2014— 6,381 529-840 (69/21)
Bobby Hoying 1995 354 24-35 (3/1) Art Schlichter 1981 2,551 183-350 (17/10) Joe Germaine 1996-1998 6,370 439-741 (56/20)
J.T. Barrett 2016 349 21-31 (6/1) Troy Smith 2006 2,542 203-311 (30/6) Greg Frey 1987-1990 6,316 443-835 (39/37)

As Vico mentioned last month, the only record out of reach on that table is passing yards in a single game. Ohio State does not run an offense predicated on throwing the ball first or anywhere near 52 times in a single game like Art Schlichter did in 1981. He could very easily get to No. 2 on that list, however, provided he aligns with what new quarterbacks coach Ryan Day and assumed new offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson wants beginning with the 2017 season opener at Indiana on Aug. 31.

As long as Barrett stays healthy, however, you can pretty much give him the career passing yards record. In what many consider a down year for him throwing the ball this past season, he finished with 2,555 yards through the air. Half of that total in 2017 will push him over the 8,000-yard mark for his career and well past Schlichter. Chances are good he would set the single-season record for passing yards too, considering his best year throwing the ball came when he missed the final three games of 2014 with a broken ankle and still fell short by only 496 yards.

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