2024 NFL Mock Draft Round 1, (w/ no trades):

Well, it’s that time of year again. The NFL draft is right around the corner, (well, two months away, but it’s never too early to get a mock draft started). The draft will take pace in Detroit, Michigan on Thursday, April 25th, 2024 @ 8pm EST. Below is the 1st of our 3 round 2024 NFL Mock Draft. Hopefully we’ll get at least three selections correct.


Round 1:

  1. Chicago Bears: Team Needs = OL, WR, TE, EDGE, QB


Selection: Caleb Williams, QB – USC

Williams might not be the tallest quarterback, but his build is a sculptor’s dream – thick and muscular, housing a natural throwing talent. He throws darts, accurate and fast, from any platform, any arm angle. Whether standing tall or scrambling, he can fire the ball into the tightest windows. But he’s not just a power player – he’s got finesse too, softening throws with a flick of the wrist.

And when the RPO game calls, his hands are lightning. He’s a magician with the ball, leaving defenders looking like bewildered statues. He can outrun you, juke you out, or simply make you miss.

However, like any talented artist, Williams has some unfinished sketches. In 2023, he sometimes fell into the trap of hunting big plays, ignoring checkdowns in favor of hero ball with his legs. This flair, while exciting, can also lead to carelessness – his loose handling at times resulted in fumbles. His creativity is his strength, but at the next level, he’ll need to learn the art of playing within the system too.

Overall, Williams is a work in progress, but his raw talent is enough to make any team swoon. He has the potential to be a franchise-altering force, but only if he can harness his magic and learn to play in harmony with the team. He’s a wild card, a risk, but the reward could be a symphony of success.


  1. Washington Commanders: Team Needs = QB, EDGE, OT, WR, OL

Selection: Jayden Daniels, QB – LSU

Forget the stereotypical gunslinger, Daniels is a quarterback built for the modern game. Tall and lean, he exudes poise and comfort in the pocket, conducting the offense like a seasoned maestro. His signature move? A rhythmic bounce at the top of his drop, seamlessly transferring weight as he unleashes throws with a lightning-fast release and a picture-perfect motion.

Accuracy? Check. Decision-making? Check. Daniels throws with anticipation, touch, and laser-like precision, even manipulating safeties with his eyes to create downfield opportunities. But when pressure rears its head, he doesn’t flinch. He explodes out of the pocket with elite suddenness, leaving defenders in his dust.

Now, he’s not a Houdini-like escape artist, his strength lies in his linear speed rather than shifty jukes. However, a minor concern remains – in games I reviewed, he took some punishing hits. Learning to protect himself better will be crucial at the next level.

But that’s a small blip on a star-studded resume. Daniels’ 2023 season was a quantum leap, showcasing both a high floor of consistency and a sky-high ceiling of potential. He’s a quarterback who inspires confidence, a leader with the tools and talent to become a force in the NFL.


  1. New England Patriots: Team Needs = QB, TE, OT, WR, EDGE

Selection: Drake Maye, QB – North Carolina

Maye boasts the tools every team dreams of in a quarterback: prototypical size, athleticism, and a cannon arm. He’s got quick feet and throws with a flick of the wrist, but sometimes lets his delivery get long, leaving room for improvement.

His talent shines through in tight spaces. He can thread needles and drive the ball with defenders hanging on him, showcasing his exceptional arm strength. He can also soften throws for quick slants and crossers and possesses a touch that drops dimes deep down the field.

But Maye’s game extends beyond the pocket. He’s a natural athlete who can escape pressure and create with his legs, leaving defenders grasping at air. His competitive spirit fuels his scrambling, though sometimes leading to riskier decisions that need to be reined in at the next level.

Last season, North Carolina’s pass protection struggles, and unreliable routes put pressure on Maye, leading to some forced throws and turnovers. However, these are areas he can refine with experience and coaching.

Overall, Maye is a raw talent with all the ingredients to be a top-tier quarterback. He needs to polish his mechanics and decision-making, but his potential is undeniable. He’s a project worth investing in, a diamond in the rough waiting to be unearthed.


  1. Arizona Cardinals: Team Needs = WR, DT, OL, EDGE, CB

Selection: Marvin Harrison JR, WR – Ohio State

Imagine a power forward taking flight – that’s Harrison in a nutshell. Built with ideal size and blazing speed, he’s a physical marvel who dominates the field with a blend of explosiveness and brute force.

Press coverage? He shrugs it off with his upper-body strength, powering through defenders like a battering ram. But his game isn’t just brute force – he’s a smooth operator. He runs routes with the fluidity of a gazelle, closing the cushion on cornerbacks with lightning-quick cuts. He leaves them on their toes before exploding into another gear when the ball takes flight, effortlessly tracking it over his shoulder with his massive catch radius.

Harrison knows how to use his size to his advantage, walling off defenders and shielding the ball with his body. He’s not just a jump-ball specialist, though – he possesses surprising speed and physicality after the catch, leaving defenders in his wake. Sure, he had a few drops in traffic this season, but his overall production is undeniable.

Simply put, Harrison is the prototypical No. 1 receiver, a mismatch nightmare for any secondary. Expect him to seamlessly transition to the NFL and make an immediate impact. He’s not just another receiver; he’s a force of nature ready to dominate the league.


  1. Los Angeles Chargers: Team Needs = CB, RB, DT, EDGE, TE

Selection: Terrion Arnold, CB – Alabama

Arnold isn’t just a cornerback, he’s a walking highlight reel. Imagine the perfect blend of size, speed, and instincts – that’s him. Equally comfortable outside or in the nickel, he adapts like a chameleon, shutting down receivers wherever they line up.

In press coverage, he’s a fluid dancer, mirroring receivers effortlessly. His speed keeps him glued to their hip, even on deep routes. Off coverage? He’s a gazelle in cleats, his pedal work is smooth and efficient, never wasting a step. His anticipation is uncanny, often reading routes before they develop and cutting them off with laser-sharp breaks.

But Arnold’s not just about coverage – he’s a ball magnet. Five interceptions and 17 passes defensed in 2023 speak volumes. He doesn’t shy away from contact, tackling with ferocity and precision, never letting a ball carrier escape in space.

Sure, he might be new to the cornerback position, transitioning from highly touted safety, but his lack of experience is a mere footnote. He possesses all the tools and traits to become a Pro Bowl-caliber star. Watching him play, you’ll struggle to find flaws – he’s a diamond in the rough, already sparkling with potential.


  1. New York Giants: Team Needs = DT, RB, OL, EDGE, OT

Selection: Joe Alt, OT – Notre Dame

Alt isn’t your average rookie; he’s a mountain of a man with instincts sharpened by three seasons protecting quarterbacks at Notre Dame. His exceptional size and length make him a formidable force at left tackle.

In pass protection, he’s a picture of control. He anchors himself with a wide base, mixing up his sets to keep defenders guessing. Whether it’s a quick jump-set to stun a speed rusher or using his impressive reach to neutralize power moves, he’s got the tools to handle any threat. And his awareness? Unmatched. He’s a true teammate, always ready to help out uncovered teammates and shut down blitzes.

The run game? Alt gets things moving. He’s a powerful blocker who drives defenders back and finishes plays with relentless determination. His angles on second-level blocks are solid, but his agility might not be elite when facing shifting targets.

Sure, he might not be the most explosive athlete, but Alt’s combination of size, instincts, and young age (remember, he’ll be just 21!) makes him a safe bet with high potential. He’s a foundation piece, a future anchor ready to solidify any offensive line. Don’t be surprised if he becomes a long-term pillar of protection, his development fueled by his intelligence and dedication.


  1. Tennessee Titans: Team Needs = OT, CB, WR, EDGE, RB

Selection: Taliese Fuaga, OT – Oregon State

 Fuaga isn’t a tackle, he’s an immovable object disguised as an athlete. His size, power, and balance are truly outstanding, making him a nightmare matchup for any defender. He lines up at right tackle, but his versatility allows him to seamlessly transition to the left side if needed.

In pass protection, Fuaga’s lightning-fast footwork and explosive punch leave rushers stunned and grasping at air. He effortlessly stays attached, maintaining perfect balance even against the fiercest blitzes. His awareness is unmatched, anticipating games and blitzers with ease.

But the run game is his true playground. He explodes out of his stance, driving defenders back with the force of a bulldozer. Down blocks become highways as he creates space for his teammates, and his relentless drive ensures plays never end early. Surprisingly nimble, he effortlessly reaches and cuts off defenders on the backside, leaving them in his wake. His second-level blocks are works of art, with de-cleating blows that send linebackers sprawling.

Finding weaknesses in Fuaga’s game is like searching for snowflakes in the Sahara. He has the potential to become a Pro Bowl-caliber tackle, anchoring the offensive line like a fortress. And if needed, his versatility allows him to seamlessly slide inside and dominate as a guard.


  1. Atlanta Falcons: Team Needs = QB, WR, EDGE, CB, DT

Selection: Rome Odunze, WR – Washington

Imagine a panther stalking its prey – graceful, powerful, ready to pounce. That’s Odunze on the field. This big, athletic wideout isn’t just gifted with exceptional hands, he’s a master of his craft. Whether lining up outside or in the slot, his movements are poetry in motion – refined, polished, and precise.

At the line, he’s a chameleon, shifting through various releases to keep defenders guessing. His routes are smooth and calculated, using his strength to lean into defenders before exploding out of their grasp at the break point. In traffic, he’s fearless, plucking the ball with sticky hands and absorbing big hits over the middle. Even poorly thrown balls become opportunities as he makes incredible adjustments, his natural tracking ability taking over.

But Odunze isn’t just a receiver – he’s a playmaker. After the catch, bringing him down is like tackling a runaway freight train. He has nifty moves to elude tacklers, leaving them grasping at air. And his passion? It’s infectious, radiating off the screen with every play.

Overall, Odunze isn’t just a prospect, he’s a complete package. He is polished, skilled, and ready to dominate the league. Don’t be surprised if he becomes a cornerstone receiver, leaving his own unique mark on the game.


  1. Chicago Bears: Team Needs = OL, WR, TE, EDGE, QB

Selection: Malik Nabers, WR – LSU

Imagine a firecracker on legs, that’s Nabers in a nutshell. His releases are explosive, leaving defenders scrambling from the snap. He’s a master of setting up routes, snapping them off with precision, and creating instant separation. He’s fearless over the middle, snatching passes through contact with his strong hands.

Need a reliable target working back to the QB? Nabers thrives there, letting the ball settle into his body before securing it with minimal drops. Low throws? No problem, he scoops them off his shoes with ease. Back-shoulder throws? He adjusts like a seasoned pro. And on slot fades? His speed wins the battle early, and his effortless tracking makes catches look routine.

But Nabers isn’t just a receiver, he’s a playmaker. After the catch, he explodes through tackles, leaving defenders in his dust. His stiff arm is a thing of beauty, sending defenders sprawling. He’s an electric spark plug on the field, reminding everyone of DJ Moore with the ball in his hands.

Overall, Nabers is a dynamic threat with production to match his competitiveness. He’s a complete package, ready to ignite offenses with his dazzling skillset. Don’t be surprised if he becomes a star, leaving defenses chasing shadows and fans buzzing with excitement.


  1. New York Jets: Team Needs = OT, WR, S, DT, QB

Selection: Olumuyiwa Fashanu, OT – Penn State

Fashanu boasts the physical gifts every team dreams of in a left tackle – towering size, impressive length, and strength to match. In pass protection, he explodes off the snap, effortlessly redirecting rushers with his strong hands. He can bend and anchor well when focused, but some games (like Ohio State) expose his tendency to lose leverage against power moves if his eyes wander.

The run game showcases his ability to shield defenders and maintain blocks, but consistency in finishing could elevate his game. He possesses surprising quickness reaching the second level, but his ankle flexibility can be a minor hurdle in space adjustments.

Remember, Fashanu is still young and developing. He has all the tools – the size, strength, and raw athleticism – to become a solid starting left tackle. Refining his focus in pass protection, improving run-blocking consistency, and addressing his ankle flexibility are the final touches needed to polish this diamond in the rough.


  1. Minnesota Vikings: Team Needs = QB, EDGE, OG, LB, DT

Selection: Dallas Turner, EDGE – Alabama

Turner isn’t your average edge rusher – he’s a long, athletic predator with a nose for the quarterback. His production speaks for itself, but it’s his intriguing skillset that truly sets him apart.

First step? Lightning-fast. He wins reps with the quickness of a viper, stabbing with his inside arm and collapsing offensive tackles like dominoes. But he’s not just brute force – he can bend, wrap, flatten, and finish the rush with the grace of a seasoned ballerina.

Sure, his pure bull rush can be inconsistent, needing more runway to gather steam. But against the run, he transforms into a brick wall, setting a physical edge or using his quickness to slip blocks and make game-changing plays at the line. His relentless effort is infectious, fueling the entire defense.

For three years, Turner has been a pivotal cog in the Alabama defense, a constant thorn in the side of opposing offenses. Now, he’s ready to unleash his talents on the NFL, making an immediate impact with his unique blend of speed, technique, and relentless drive. Don’t be surprised if he becomes a nightmare for offensive lines across the league.


  1. Denver Broncos: Team Needs = QB, DT, TE, CB, EDGE

Selection: Bo Nix, QB – Oregon

Nix isn’t your prototypical quarterback – he’s shorter, sturdier, and boasts a veteran’s wisdom from 61 starts across Oregon and Auburn. But what truly sets him apart is his pinpoint accuracy and unwavering toughness.

At his best, he orchestrates a symphony of quick throws. His feet fly in the setup, eyes scan the field with laser focus, and the ball finds its target with surgical precision. He throws with a compact release, generating enough velocity to attack all three levels of the defense. Need a touch pass over linebackers? He’s got it. Threading the needle under safeties? No problem. Even designed rollouts become pinpoint exercises.

Pressure, however, can disrupt his rhythm. Back-side blitzes sometimes go unnoticed, and throws can wobble under interior heat. But Nix is a fighter. He learns from mistakes, adjusts his game, and refuses to back down.

His athleticism adds another dimension. He’s a natural runner, especially on zone reads, leaving defenders grasping at air. His coaches rave about his leadership and toughness – qualities that shine through his every play.

Overall, Nix is more than just a gunslinger – he’s a competitor with a cerebral mind and a seasoned soul.


  1. Las Vegas Raiders: Team Needs = QB, OL, DT, OT, RB

Selection: JJ McCarthy, QB – Michigan

Forget the gunslingers, McCarthy’s a different breed. This lean, athletic quarterback throws with a “live arm” – meaning zip and touch in equal measure. His secret weapon? A rock-solid base. Every throw comes from a firm foundation, feet and eyes connected, ensuring laser-like consistency.

He’s not a reckless gunslinger, but a selective aggressor. He’s got the velocity and accuracy to squeeze throws into tight windows yet thrives on piling up efficient completions. He understands checkdowns aren’t a weakness, but a strategic advantage.

But his repertoire extends far beyond dinking and dunking. He possesses the touch to soften throws underneath, setting receivers up for explosive run-after-catch opportunities. The only chink in his armor? Over-the-top outside shots. He sometimes lets them hang, ending up out of bounds.

On the ground, he’s no slouch either. His straight-line explosiveness adds another dimension to his game. Sure, other quarterbacks in this class might have flashier stats, but you can’t argue with results. McCarthy delivers wins, and his efficient.


  1. New Orleans Saints: Team Needs = OT, OG, EDGE, CB, DT

Selection: JC Latham, OT – Alabama

Latham isn’t just a tackle, he’s a wall of muscle built to dominate the trenches. His massive frame and power base make him a force to be reckoned with in both the run and pass game.

While his quickness might not be lightning-fast, he compensates with solid knee bend and a rock-solid stance, anchoring power rushers like a seasoned veteran. Once his vise-like hands get a hold of defenders, the pass rush is over. Even when caught off guard, he has the surprising ability to recover, torque his body, and dump opponents like sacks of potatoes.

However, his awareness against stunts and blitzes needs some polish. He can get caught flat-footed at times, leading to pressure. But hey, even mountains have valleys.

The run game? That’s where Latham truly shines. He’s a mauler, latching onto defenders, churning his legs, and leaving them in his dust. His combo blocks are a thing of beauty, creating running lanes that look like highways.

Sure, he might not be the nimblest athlete, but his sheer size and physicality are tantalizing. He’s a raw diamond with the potential to be sculpted into a dominant force. With a bit more awareness and polish, Latham could become an immovable object on any offensive line, protecting quarterbacks and paving the way for big runs.


  1. Indianapolis Colts: Team Needs = DT, WR, EDGE, CB, LB

Selection: Jared Verse, EDGE – Florida State

Imagine a bulldozer with a rocket strapped to its back – that’s Verse in a nutshell. This rugged, explosive edge rusher isn’t just built, he’s twitched-up, ready to unleash chaos on opposing offenses. At Florida State, he wasn’t confined to one spot, roaming the defensive front like a predator seeking prey.

Pass rush? He explodes off the edge like a slingshot, aiming to obliterate offensive tackles. Two ways he does it: 1) a cunning stutter-step to throw them off balance before charging through with his powerful hands, or 2) a head-first bull rush, burying his shoulder into their chest and walking them back like ragdolls. He’s got other tricks in his arsenal too – a sharp chop/swim move and even an occasional inside counter to keep blockers guessing. Sure, his bend at the top of his rush might not be elite, but it’s enough to create havoc.

When he lines up inside, his quickness shines. He works the edge of guards with lightning speed, finding creative ways to disrupt plays. But he’s not just a one-trick pony. Against the run, he’s a brick wall, shutting down the inside like a fortress. He has a nose for sniffing out plays and closes the back door with the tenacity of a bulldog, chasing down runners with impressive speed and relentless effort.

Verse isn’t just a productive pass rusher – he’s a tone-setter, a defensive firebrand whose intensity ignites the entire unit. He’s a force of nature, a savage blitzer with a bite that leaves opponents whimpering. Don’t be surprised if he becomes a nightmare for offensive lines across the league, leaving them breathless and his impact undeniable.


  1. Seattle Seahawks: Team Needs = LB, OL, DT, EDGE, S

Selection: Troy Fautanu, OT – Washington

Fautanu might not be the tallest, but his thick, square build and long arms make him a force to be reckoned with. This explosive left tackle prospect from the Huskies isn’t just strong, he moves like a panther in pass protection. His smooth bends and jolting punch allow him to redirect defenders with ease, and when uncovered, he transforms into a nasty helper, shutting down blitzes with authority.

But his eagerness can sometimes be his downfall. Overaggressive tendencies occasionally lead him to lose balance while trying to overpower rushers. A touch more patience could unlock his full potential.

The run game? That’s where Fautanu unleashes his explosiveness. He buries himself under defenders, uprooting them at the point of attack. As a puller and on screens, he’s a blur, reaching the third level with incredible speed.

His experience playing guard adds another layer to his value. Some teams might even project him inside, but in my eyes, Fautanu is a starting tackle with the positional flexibility to dominate any spot on the O-line. He’s a versatile weapon, a dynamic force ready to solidify any offensive front.


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Team Needs = EDGE, OG, DT, WR, OT

Selection: Tyler Guyton, OT – Oklahoma

Imagine a redwood tree – tall, long, and graceful. That’s Guyton, a right tackle prospect oozing with potential. Despite his limited starting experience (15 total across Oklahoma and TCU), his raw talent shines brighter than most.

In pass protection, he explodes off the snap, his long arms effortlessly blanketing speed rushers. His fluid movements and smooth redirects make him a master at handling counter moves, always maintaining excellent knee bend. But against power rushers, his slender frame can be a disadvantage, leading to some struggles at times. However, for someone with limited reps, his awareness is impressive, a testament to his quick learning ability.

The run game is where Guyton truly takes flight. He moves with the agility of a tight end, effortlessly reaching and cutting off defenders in space. Whether pulling on screens or setting up blocks, his athleticism and balance are exceptional. He never gets caught flat-footed, always maintaining a perfect low center of gravity.

Sure, Guyton is still a work in progress, but his “elite traits and tools,” as you say, are undeniable. He’s a raw diamond waiting to be polished, and with the right coaching, he can become a star. Don’t be surprised if he develops into a dominant tackle, his agility and awareness making him a nightmare matchup for any defender.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals: Team Needs = WR, OT, DT, TE, CB

Selection: Amarius Mims, OT – Georgia

Mims isn’t just a tackle, he’s a huge a man with arms that span like tree branches. Though his starting experience is limited (8 starts in 3 years at Georgia), injuries played a part in that. But don’t let the short resume fool you – the skill set is impressive.

In pass protection, he’s a wall. His wide base and long arms allow him to control defenders like a seasoned shepherd. He stays patient, square, and when he punches, it’s a jolt that resets their attack. Power rushers find little joy against him – he sinks his weight, anchors like a battleship, and never gives an inch. His awareness is sharp, keeping him a step ahead of the game.

The run game? Mims is a bulldozer with legs. He latches onto defenders, drives his feet, and finishes plays with authority. His agility might not be elite, but he’s not a statue either. Remember the 2022 College Football Playoff against Ohio State? A healthy Mims was dominant, showcasing his true potential. Injuries hindered him in 2023, but the talent remains.

Sure, the limited experience raises questions, but Mims is a unique talent. He’s a risk worth taking – a colossus waiting to unleash his full potential. With the right coaching and development, he could become an immovable force, anchoring offensive lines for years to come.


  1. Los Angeles Rams: Team Needs = CB, EDGE, LB, S, K

Selection: Quinyon Mitchell, CB – Toledo

Forget the stereotype of lumbering safeties – Mitchell is a gazelle in pads, built for coverage and disruption. His size, speed, and toughness make him a threat on every play.

Off-man coverage is his playground. He plays a smooth side turn, eyes glued to the quarterback through the receiver, like a predator stalking its prey. Situationally aware, he settles at the sticks before exploding downhill with impressive burst, leaving receivers in the dust. His speed lets him turn and run with go routes, and his quick reactions mean he recovers seamlessly from double moves. Sure, his hips can tighten slightly when flipping downfield, but it’s a minor detail compared to his overall agility.

But don’t let his coverage skills fool you – he’s a ballhawk at heart. Remember his 2022 season? Five interceptions, two pick-sixes – a masterclass in thievery. While 2023 saw fewer opportunities, his instincts haven’t dulled.

And he’s not just a coverage specialist. Against the run, he’s a firecracker. He never gets caught hanging on blocks, instead bursting towards the ball-carrier with ferocity before coming to balance and collecting tackles with authority. His desire and physicality are infectious, energizing the entire defense.

Mitchell’s more than just a prospect – he’s a feisty competitor with the potential to become a star. His speed, ball skills, and run defense make him a complete package, ready to lock down receivers and disrupt plays with equal aplomb. Don’t be surprised if he becomes a ball-hawking force in the NFL, leaving opposing offenses trembling in his wake.


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers: Team Needs = CB, WR, OL, OT, LB

Selection: Brian Thomas Jr., WR – LSU

Forget the stereotype of lumbering receivers – Thomas is a lean, mean, touchdown machine disguised as a wideout. His explosiveness is undeniable, with an FBS-best 17 touchdown catches this season alone, a testament to his game-changing ability.

He’s versatile, lining up both outside and in the slot, a nightmare for defenses who can’t predict his next move. Press coverage? No problem. He uses his quickness to easily defeat it, leaving defenders grasping at air. And once the ball is in the air, watch out. He has a sudden burst of acceleration, finding another gear and leaving defenders trailing in his dust.

But speed isn’t his only weapon. His route running is a thing of beauty – smooth, fluid, and efficient. He snaps at the top of his routes, wasting no steps, and his large frame, leaping ability, and impressive ball skills give him a massive catch radius. He plucks throws out of the air with ease, making even the most difficult grabs look routine.

But Thomas isn’t just a receiver – he’s a playmaker. After the catch, he uses his surprising agility to shake off defenders and his home run speed to turn short passes into long touchdowns. He’s a constant threat to take it all the way, leaving defenses scrambling and fans on the edge of their seats.

Overall, Thomas is a big-play machine with the potential to become a true No. 1 receiver. His explosiveness, route running, and playmaking ability make him a valuable asset to any team. Don’t be surprised if he becomes a star in the NFL, leaving defenses in his wake and etching his name in the record books with his touchdown magic.


  1. Miami Dolphins: Team Needs = OL, S, LB, TE, DT

Selection: Brock Bowers, TE – Georgia

We highly doubt Bowers will be available here, but if he is, there’s no doubt the Phins will snatch him up. Forget the stereotype of lumbering tight ends – Bowers is a speedster trapped in a pass-catcher’s body. Undersized, yes, but his elite speed, strength, and playmaking ability are anything but. At Georgia, he was a chameleon, lining up everywhere from in-line to the slot, even taking snaps at running back!

His releases are lightning-fast, leaving defenders grasping at air. He uses his upper body strength like a battering ram, shrugging off press coverage with ease. But he’s not just a blocker – he’s a pass-catching machine. He devours quick throws in the flat and transforms into a screen-pass wrecking ball.

In the air, he’s an apex predator. He attacks the ball with ferocious hunger, transitioning upfield instantly. Speed? He’s got it. But his true weapon is his tackle-breaking power. He runs through contact like a runaway train, leaving defenders bouncing off him. He’s a run-blocking force when he connects, but longer-armed edge rushers can be a challenge.

But don’t let his size fool you. Bowers reminds is a versatile weapon who terrorizes defenses and leaves them begging for mercy. He has the potential to make a similar impact in the NFL, changing the game one explosive play at a time.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles: Team Needs = RB, WR, CB, EDGE, LB

Selection: Ennis Rakestraw Jr., CB – Missouri

Rakestraw isn’t your average cornerback – he’s a rangy, fluid athlete who plays with the fire of a thousand suns. In press coverage, he’s physical, clinging to receivers like glue, whether they try to escape under or fly deep. His hips twist like a seasoned dancer, effortlessly mirroring even the shiftiest routes. He’s a master of staying on top of deep threats, and his ability to locate the ball is uncanny.

But Rakestraw isn’t just about coverage; he’s a run support demon. His quick reads and aggressive nature make him a terror for ball carriers. Watch the Georgia tape from last November – you’ll see him collide with an offensive lineman like a human missile before delivering a bone-crunching stop. His energy is infectious, radiating through the screen with every play.

One area where he could elevate his game? Finishing plays with interceptions instead of just batting passes away. But that’s a minor quibble in an otherwise stellar package. Players like Rakestraw, with his combination of athleticism, tenacity, and infectious energy, have a history of seamless transitions to the next level. Don’t be surprised if he becomes a defensive force in the pros.


  1. Houston Texans: Team Needs = OT, DT, CB, EDGE, WR


Selection: Nate Wiggins, CB – Clemson

Wiggins isn’t your average cornerback – he’s built like a skyscraper with the wind at his back. His length and speed make him a nightmare for quarterbacks in press coverage. He gets his hands on receivers early, but refining his timing will be crucial at the next level.

His fluidity and deep speed are undeniable. He can track and play the ball like a heat-seeking missile, leaving opponents grasping at air. However, the occasional lapse in concentration, where he peeks back at the QB, can cost him valuable position.

Transitioning from off coverage is smooth and efficient for Wiggins. He closes on the ball in a hurry, showcasing his impressive closing speed. But here’s where the question marks arise: his run support. He tends to be content just hanging on to blocks, and his effort in pursuit from the backside is inconsistent. While high play counts might explain some of this, it’s an area that needs improvement.

Overall, Wiggins oozes athleticism and possesses all the physical tools to be a lockdown corner. But unlocking his full potential hinges on investing more in the run game. Refining his technique and bringing consistent effort will transform him from a talented prospect into a dominant force.


  1. Dallas Cowboys: Team Needs = OT, RB, C, LB, DT

Selection: Graham Barton, OL – Duke

Graham Barton might have spent his last three seasons at left tackle, but his future lies at the heart of the offensive line – center. Despite his “average” length, his ideal size and quick first step off the snap make him a perfect fit for the position.

In pass protection, his agility shines. He can bend his knees and redirect with impressive footwork, giving quarterbacks valuable time even against power rushers. While he can struggle against their brute force, he rarely surrenders ground quickly, allowing throws to get off.

But it’s in the run game where Barton truly shines. He’s a technician, hitting his landmarks with pinpoint precision on down blocks and driving opponents back with his lower body. His combo blocks are textbook, and he pulls with controlled power, creating running lanes with ease.

Sure, Barton has the athleticism to survive at tackle if needed, but his true potential lies at center. He’s a cerebral player, a master of technique, and a leader who will anchor the offensive line. Don’t be surprised to see him become a dominant force in the middle, proving that size isn’t everything when you have the brain and technique of a true center.


  1. Green Bay Packers: Team Needs = S, OT, CB, OL, EDGE

Selection: Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB – Alabama

McKinstry isn’t your typical, high-octane cornerback. He’s a smooth operator, gliding with athleticism, preferring control over aggression in press coverage. His hands stay low, ready to react, and his hips open fluidly without a hint of stiffness. However, when challenged vertically, concerns arise about his raw speed. While he can keep up in off coverage, a lack of twitch and urgency can sometimes leave him playing catch-up.

But don’t underestimate Kool-Aid’s instincts. He excels in finding and playing the ball, whether it’s in front of him or sailing downfield. He might not be the most aggressive run defender, but his tackling in space is dependable.

Overall, McKinstry is a polished package with plenty of redeeming qualities. His smooth coverage and ball skills are undeniable. However, the 40-yard dash remains a looming question mark. A strong performance could significantly boost his stock, solidifying him as both a confident and speedy cornerback prospect.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Team Needs = QB, WR, OL, S, EDGE

Selection: Michael Penix Jr., QB – Washington

Penix isn’t your average quarterback. He throws with a unique three-quarter delivery from the left, unleashing a rocket that explodes out of his hand. Forget stepping up in the pocket, he can hang back and effortlessly send the ball 55 yards downfield. Think cannons, not lasers.

His true magic lies in outside throws. He paints the sideline with pinpoint accuracy and throws a deep ball that floats like a dream. But the middle of the field presents a different story – his throws can flatten out, requiring adjustments from receivers.

Despite this, Penix is a quick thinker. He processes information fast, consistently reaching the third read in his progressions. And when things get hot, he’s not afraid to scramble. Remember his Houdini act against Texas in the College Football Playoff?

However, injuries have plagued his career. It’s a legitimate concern. Yet, Penix is no stranger to overcoming adversity. He battled back from setbacks to lead Washington to the national title game. This speaks volumes about his toughness and determination.

Sure, his accuracy can be inconsistent, but his vision, his arm strength, and his drive is tremendous. He’s a quarterback who defies expectations, and his unique skillset could be a game-changer for the right team.


  1. Arizona Cardinals: Team Needs = WR, DT, OL, EDGE, CB


Selection: Byron Murphy II, DT – Texas

Forget your typical defensive tackle, Murphy’s a blur of controlled chaos. This explosive athlete is more ballerina than brute force, using his nimbleness and instincts to wreak havoc in the backfield. He explodes from his stance like a spring-loaded rocket, his hips rolling with the impact to instantly push blockers back on their heels. He’s a master of leverage, consistently slipping under blockers and winning the battle for control. His hands are lightning fast, wielding swipes, push-pulls, and violent clubs with deadly precision. And just when you think you have him figured out, his elite change-of-direction leaves blockers grasping at air.

Against the run, he’s like a heat-seeking missile, using his quickness to slice through the line and create havoc in the backfield. But his secret weapon? Balance. You won’t see anyone else drop to one knee like a matador, then uncoil with the power of a bull to make game-changing tackles. This unique technique, coupled with his impressive lateral range, makes him a nightmare for any offensive line.

Sure, he might not be the biggest guy on the field, but size is just a number when you have the leverage, disruption, and impact of a force like Murphy. He’s a three-down terror, and every team should be taking notice.


  1. Buffalo Bills: Team Needs = S, DT, EDGE, WR, CB

Selection: Chop Robinson, EDGE – Penn State

Imagine a firecracker on springs, and you’ve got Robinson. This edge rusher may lack ideal size and production, but his explosiveness is undeniable. He explodes off the snap like a shot out of a cannon, albeit with a choppy, unorthodox footwork that initially throws blockers off balance. Once he smooths out his stride and gains more ground, offensive tackles will truly feel the heat.

He’s got a bag of tricks up his sleeve, flashing a nifty two-hand swipe and a powerful push-pull move. However, tightness restricts him at the peak of his rush, limiting his sack numbers despite consistent disruption. He’s surprisingly comfortable dropping into coverage, showing fluidity in space.

Against the run, he’s a brick wall against head-on blockers, generating impressive knock-back. But his Achilles’ heel lies in lateral agility. Angle blocks and double teams send him careening down the line like a pinball. He’s not the smoothest operator, but his raw speed and power make him a disruptive force. Polish his technique, and this firecracker could become a true explosion on the field.


  1. Detroit Lions: Team Needs = CB, OG, EDGE, WR, DT

Selection: Cooper DeJean, CB – Iowa

DeJean isn’t just a cornerback, he’s a playmaking machine. His tall frame and lightning speed make him a nightmare for quarterbacks, especially in off coverage. He mirrors receivers with his back to the sideline, his eyes glued to the play like a hawk. While his first step isn’t instantaneous, his explosion off the plant drives him towards the ball like a missile. His production speaks volumes – three pick-sixes in 2022 alone. He’s got the wheels to stay with burners down the field, but on occasion, panic sets in, leading to handsy coverage near the catch point.

But DeJean is more than just coverage. He’s a blitzing maestro, unleashing his timing and burst to close on quarterbacks in a heartbeat. He throws his body into run support with fearless abandon, and his tackling is dependable. And let’s not forget his exceptional punt return skills – a blend of speed, elusiveness, and daredevil courage that electrifies the crowd.

Overall, DeJean’s future is bright. While his natural size and playmaking ability scream cornerback, his versatility and tackling prowess make safety a compelling option too.


  1. Baltimore Ravens: Team Needs = LB, OT, EDGE, CB, TE

Selection: Edgerrin Cooper, LB – Texas A&M

Cooper isn’t your average linebacker. His lanky frame, almost gazelle-like in its grace, belies a surprising burst of speed and lockdown coverage ability. In pass defense, he glides effortlessly into drops, his eyes scanning the field with hawk-like precision. Tight ends attempting to seam him are met with a wall of speed, their routes becoming mere suggestions against his tenacious coverage. But Cooper isn’t just a coverage specialist; he’s a heat-seeking missile disguised in a linebacker uniform. His blitzes are explosions, his timing impeccable, often leaving quarterbacks scrambling for cover with the ball still in their hands.

Against the run, he’s not just fast, he’s decisive. He reads plays like a script, filling holes with urgency and leaving ball carriers crumpled in his wake. However, his eagerness sometimes leads him astray, occasionally missing tackles in lateral pursuit. But let’s not dwell on minor blemishes; Cooper is an electrifying talent, generating highlight-reel plays with every snap. He’s ready to step in and contribute immediately, and the best is yet to come for this instinctive and explosive linebacker.


  1. San Francisco 49ers: Team Needs = CB, OT, OL, EDGE, DT

Selection: Jackson Powers-Johnson, OL – Oregon

Powers-Johnson’s journey across the trenches is a testament to his adaptability. He’s comfortable at all three interior offensive line positions, even boasting experience on the defensive side as a tackle. But it’s at center where he truly shines, and I envision him excelling there at the next level.

His size is a solid foundation, but his quickness and balance truly separate him. He explodes off the snap in pass protection, setting vertically and absorbing the power of even the most ferocious rushers. His handwork is impeccable – constantly adjusting to maintain position and shutting down uncovered defenders with a “nasty” effectiveness.

The run game sees him unleash his upper-body strength. He torques and turns defenders with ease, creating significant movement at the point of attack. His agility allows him to quickly reach the second level, taking perfect angles to leave blockers in his dust.

Honestly, finding weaknesses in his game is like searching for a needle in a haystack. He embodies the “bulldog” spirit – tenacious, relentless, and always on the attack.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs: Team Needs = DT, WR, CB, RB, OT

Selection: Jer’Zhan Newton, DT – Illinois

Don’t be fooled by his slightly undersized frame, Newton packs a punch in the trenches. His lightning-fast hands are loaded with shock, capable of jarring even the most seasoned blockers off-balance. He’s a maestro of the pass rush, seamlessly weaving between a violent club-and-swim and a lightning-quick swipe, generating consistent sacks and pressures. Watch for his Houdini act: a hand extended, inviting offensive tackles to lunge before he vanishes, leaving them bewildered and the path to the quarterback wide open.

While his hips might not possess the fluidity of a gazelle, he makes up for it with relentless effort. He anchors the line against the run, generating bone-jarring knock-back and displaying impressive hustle in pursuit. True, his lower-body flexibility isn’t ideal, but make no mistake: Newton is a highly skilled rusher who holds his own against both the pass and the run.


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