Dan Quinn Says Nothing on PI No Call

Written by Mark Bradley at MyAJC.com

Surely it had something to do with the charged setting — his new team had come within a Richard Sherman armlock of toppling his old team in the fortress where that old team has gone 34-5 since 2011 — but one Dan Quinn response Sunday was unlike every postgame DQ response as the Atlanta Falcons’ coach. This one sounded unscripted. This one sounded, dare we say, genuine.

On Sunday in Seattle, someone (blush) asked Quinn if he felt better about these Falcons, who are 4-2, after six games than he did last year’s Falcons, who were 5-1. His unedited answer:

“I like what our team identity is becoming. So badly did I want the identity to happen right away. It’s growing stronger, that toughness that resolve to where we can attack in all three phases. That identity is one that I’m pleased that were starting to become, we way we want to finish, the different people that get involved. We have had some games where different groups came through. Two weeks ago certainly the defensive line had a big day. Two weeks before that the quarterback and receivers had one. We have had games where the special teams have been involved.

“Having that team identity knowing that all phases are going to attack, I feel it’s coming together. We so desperately wanted that to happen last year, I believe that’s where we were going with some of this but it didn’t in terms of all the way. I wanted that to happen overnight but it didn’t. But I feel like this group is growing, quite a bit different from last year’s group. We will be ready to get back rockin’ here in a few days.”

The two things I liked about that were the absence of “resolve” and “resiliency,” two DQ buzzwords invoked so often as to have shed all buzz, but mostly the part where Quinn, who tries hard to say nothing, said something. Three times he mentioned how “badly” and “desperately” he wanted this “coming together” to happen last season — and then admitted what we knew from the 8-8 finish after a 5-0 start: It hadn’t.

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Falcons MiniCamp Ends Today, Lets Take a Look

Written by D. Orlando Ledbetter at Atlanta Journal Constitution.com 

The Falcons will close with the last day of minicamp, which starts at 11:20 a.m. and is open to the public, today.

Here are five things to know about the last day of minicamp:

1. Over the break. The Falcons will be on their own after the final practice. “No we don’t worry about the break,” Falcons coach Dan Quinn said. “We send the guys back to the plan. Here’s a couple of things specifically that each player can work at to get better but that’s the challenge of being a really good pro like working your craft where you don’t always have to work it here with just the coaches.” The players will report back to the team on July 27 for training camp.

2. Contact will remain open. While the players will get a break, the coaches will stay in contact. “To be great, you’re going to find time early, late, and on the weekends to work it,” Quinn said. “We’ll be in contact with them (and there are) some things we’re going to improve on. I anticipate that happening between now and then.”

3. Deion Jones bulking up. Linebacker Deion Jones, who weighed 222 pounds during the pre-draft process has put on some pounds. He’s up to 230 pounds.

4. Julio Jones on Sanu. Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones believes the offense has made major strides by incorporating wide receiver Mohamed Sanu into the offense and by improving the communication flow between the players and coaches.

5. Devin Fuller update. Five of the six Falcons rookie draft picks have received plenty offseason action. Wide receiver Devin Fuller, a seventh round pick from UCLA, suffered a hamstring injury during the rookie minicamp in May and did not participate in the OTAS or minicamp. “So on that string we’re just trying to make sure that it’s fully back,” Quinn said. “Often times with a hamstring when it comes back too early…. we’re trying to be extra cautious to make sure there is no further setbacks. That’s really where we’re at. So he’s in the protocol and back running doing the training. That’ll happen for the next couple of weeks before he’s fully ready to get back into it. I’ll anticipate Fuller being ready for camp.”

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