Why Daniel Briere Flyers Called Classy Retirement

The 37-year-old former Flyer retired this week after 17 seasons in the NHL.



Even in professional hockey being smaller doesn’t mean you can’t play with the BIG BOYS. Hard work and class can defy the odds. Announced today Danny Briere will retire. The former Flyer had 307 goals, 389 assists, 106 power play goals and 973 regular season games played. David Isaac of the Courier Times pens a great piece on the classiness of the what is and will be an NHL legend.

Dave Isaac, @davegisaac

“VOORHEES – Ever since Danny Briere signed with the Flyers July 1, 2007, his name has been linked to the word, “classy.” In other cities, it was well before that.

Some question exactly what that means, why it’s warranted.

Is it because he’s nice to the media?


Is it because he’s always got a smile on his face and has the time of day for anyone and everyone?

You bet.

Does it end there?

No way.”


Read more about Danny Briere at The Courier Post

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