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The Warriors Are the Perfect Team… and Not Just Because They’re Unbeaten

Written by John Cannon at Bloguin

I haven’t been writing much about the Golden State Warriors for one simple reason. I had no idea what to say about a flawless basketball team.

We in the sports biz are hardwired to fix things that need fixing, and for many years, the Warriors gave us plenty of opportunities to make suggestions. It was easy to feel that as a guy (or girl, for that matter) who watched the game closely and took it seriously, you could do a better job running that team than the people who were paid to do so.

Well, folks, that ship has sailed. Nowhere in pro sports do you find the combination of personnel acquisition, player development, coaching acumen, and spiritual essence this franchise has put together over the past 14 months.

As I thought about the 16-0 mark with which they’ve started this season, and the relative ease with which they’ve attained almost all of those victories, it occurred to me that the record isn’t the only thing about the Warriors that’s perfect.

When we first learn about sports, we learn that we should play for the fun of it. We learn that we should be good teammates. We learn that we should do our absolute best every time out, and that we should strive to constantly improve our play — not necessarily to win more, but to remain true to the concept of doing our best every time out.

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