Terry Bradshaw Does Not Like Nick Saban

Written by Rob Goldberg at Bleacher Reports.com

Terry Bradshaw is not a fan of Nick Saban’s new salary at Alabama.

In an interview on the Paul Finebaum Show, the Fox analyst compared the latest deal to the full budget of Louisiana Tech and called the salary “shameful,” via Jesse Kramer of The Comeback.

Saban is set to make $11.25 million this season as part of a three-year contract extension.

There are various reason to argue against the lofty salary, including whether that money should go to the players or to the school. However, Bradshaw provided a different angle to dislike Saban.

“If he has the personality of Steve Spurrier, then I would like him,” Bradshaw explained. “Spurrier, now you’re talking about a great coach. That’s a great coach, Steve Spurrier, not Saban. Saban hates people. The man doesn’t even like people.”

Spurrier had a successful coaching career at Florida, South Carolina and Duke, winning 228 career games with one national championship in 1996. However, Saban has clearly proved himself as a more successful coach with five national championships, including four at Alabama.

Since his second year with the Crimson Tide, the 65-year-old has led his teams to 112 wins and just 13 losses.

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