Nationals Can’t Bring Back Matt Williams or Jonathan Papelbon Next Season

Two weeks ago, I wrote that Drew Storen breaking his thumb against his locker and knocking himself out for the rest of the season was the unofficial symbol of the 2015 Washington Nationals. Following the Nats’ official elimination from the playoffs, I thought our end of season post-mortem would be the final word on this team. I was wrong. Wow, was I wrong.

Jonathan Papelbon and Bryce Harper became the poster for the Nationals’ lost 2015 season on Sunday by getting into a fight in the dugout during the eighth inning of Washington’s 12-5 loss to the Phillies. The literal poster image, as you can see above, was provided by Greg Flume of Getty Images.

That is the face of the Washington Nationals’ franchise with someone else’s hand around his throat. It’s an unbelievable picture. Except it’s totally believable because we’ve seen the footage of Papelbon trying to choke out Harper when the two confronted each other, leading to four or five other people in the Nats’ dugout trying to break up the fight.

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