Lionel Messi scores game winning goal in his Inter Miami debut!

Originally posted on Inhale Sports  |  Last updated 7/25/23

Lionel Messi scored his free kick in his Miami debut by curling the ball into the top left corner of the net. He took the free kick from about 25 yards out, and he struck the ball with such power and precision that it was impossible for the goalkeeper to save. The goal came in the 93rd minute of the match, and it gave Inter Miami a 2-1 victory over Cruz Azul.

Messi’s free kick was a thing of beauty. He struck the ball with such power that it dipped and swerved in the air, making it impossible for the goalkeeper to predict where it was going. The ball hit the back of the net with such force that it shook the stadium.

The goal was a fitting way for Messi to mark his debut for Inter Miami. He had been expected to score a goal, and he did not disappoint. His free kick was a reminder of his ability to create magic with the ball at his feet. Check it out here:


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