Can Willie Snead Be a Fantasy Football Superstar in Week 6?

Written by Evan Massey at Bloguin

The New Orleans Saints are set to face off against the Atlanta Falcons at home and they are hoping to shock their division rival and get a big win. Willie Snead is without question one of the more pleasant surprises in the NFL this season, especially from a Fantasy Football standpoint. He has been a major sleeper this year and is finally starting to break out as a big point playmaker.

Last week against the Philadelphia Eagles, Snead ended up catching six passes for 141 yards. He wasn’t able to record a touchdown in the game, but he was one of Drew Brees’ go-to guys and is going to continue seeing his role grow throughout the season as he continues gaining more chemistry with the star quarterback.

Now the question becomes, can he turn in a fantasy football superstar week against the Falcons’ defense?

There is no question that he should have a big game against the Atlanta defense. Dan Quinn has definitely helped them improve from a fundamental standpoint, but they still can’t be a lockdown defense. Snead is going to be able to get loose down the field and make some big plays throughout the game with the way that he fits into the Saints’ offense.

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