Can Leonard Fournette Carry LSU?

Written by Ryan Palencer at Bloguin

On Monday, I wrote about teams that are one-dimensional with quarterbacks. LSU has found itself in a rare spot. The offense for the Tigers is based on the rushing attack of one.

While Leonard Fournette has become the early Heisman favorite, he has also created an unbeaten start for LSU.

Clearly the offensive line has done some work, paving holes for Fournette to run through, but his violent running style has enabled him to bust through or leap over defenders (depending on the situation) to make his own way.

Fournette has rushed for 875 yards on 101 carries through four weeks, which accounts for more than several teams’ attacks combined across the nation. His 11 rushing touchdowns share the same distinction. Fournette has gone over 200 yards in three of his four games, and the other saw him accumulate a measly 159 yards against Mississippi State.

Simply put, Fournette has been an animal this season.

While he has been impressive, Fournette’s body of work also leads to more questions regarding some of his teammates. One of the main issues for LSU last season on the offensive side of the ball was the play of quarterback Anthony Jennings.


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