Big Ten presidents, chancellors voted 11-3 to postpone football due to pandemic

By Zac Wassink | Last updated 8/31/20

The Athletic’s Nicole Auerbach confirmed on Monday that 11 of 14 Big Ten presidents and chancellors voted to postpone the college football season because of fears related to the coronavirus pandemic. 

That news was included in a brief and two sworn affidavits related to a lawsuit filed by eight Nebraska players who are looking to get the season reinstated. Earlier this month, league commissioner Kevin Warren declared in a letter the decision to postpone “will not be revisited.” 

Auerbach added that at least 60 percent of Big Ten presidents and chancellors were required to vote to postpone for that call to be made.

Players and parents have written letters, voiced anger over the decision to delay the campaign via social media and protested outside of Big Ten headquarters. While bodies such as the Pac-12MACMountain West and Ivy League also canceled fall schedules due to the uncontrolled virus outbreak, the ACC, SEC and Big 12 intend to begin altered football seasons in September. 

Per The Athletic, a study conducted by Ohio State director of sports cardiology Dr. Curt Daniels found that roughly 15% of student-athletes who tested positive for COVID-19 experienced cases of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle that can cause sudden cardiac arrest. It’s believed the findings of that study led to the Big Ten and Pac-12 postponing. 

That study is awaiting peer review. 

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