A Rose by Any Other Name

Written by Lawerence Norman at Hoops Business

Derrick Rose has been in the news a lot lately, what with the alleged sexual assault and the broken orbital bone suffered in practice. First-year coach Fred Hoiberg is still hoping for Rose’s return before October 27, when the Bulls open their season against archrival Cleveland and LeBron James.

However, the Bulls might need to cut their losses with Derrick Rose and start to rebuild from the point guard out. Rose is undoubtedly talented, but that talent is not worth much on the bench. With 14 injuries, the 2011 League MVP has played in only 113 of 359 games in the last four seasons. He really hasn’t been able to contribute to the Bull’s somewhat debatable success over that period.

Chicago has a lot of valuable pieces in place, to include a solid bench line up. However the guaranteed money paid to Rose could buy Chicago a valuable point guard who’s sitting on someone’s bench, who’s good at distributing the ball, and will give them 12 points and 6 assists a night. It’s better to have a durable point guard who’s in the lineup rather than paying money for a player who has proven to be very fragile and simply has not been there during the Bull’s time of need.

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