Tom Brady on the chance Super Bowl LIII will be his last game: ‘Zero’

Tom Brady is one week away from appearing in a record ninth Super Bowl and one victory away from capturing his sixth championship ring, and people have been wondering for years what he has left to accomplish.

The New England Patriots quarterback clearly feels there is still plenty.

With Brady set to turn 42 in August, there has once again been talk that he could potentially ride off into the sunset if the Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII.

Today, Brady emphatically put that talk to rest.

Brady already said last month that he wants to continue playing beyond this season, and seems genuine when he says he will keep going as long as he is competing at a high level. At this point, it is obvious there is no amount of Super Bowl appearances that would make him think “enough is enough.”

If you want to know how determined Brady still is, even after winning five titles, look no further than some of his quotes from this year’s postseason run. The future Hall of Famer is still plenty hungry, and he doesn’t plan on that hunger being satisfied any time soon.

By Steve DelVecchio

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