Which NFL team has the easiest remaining schedule?


The Detroit Lions have the easiest remaining schedule in the NFL. Their opponents have a combined winning percentage of .388, which is the lowest of any team. The Lions have five divisional games remaining, all of which are very winnable, as well as games against the Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, and Atlanta Falcons. They will also play the Baltimore Ravens, Los Angeles Chargers, and Dallas Cowboys on the road, but these are the only three difficult games left on their schedule.

Other teams with easy remaining schedules include:

  • Atlanta Falcons (.348)
  • Indianapolis Colts (.422)
  • New Orleans Saints (.426)
  • Carolina Panthers (.479)
  • San Francisco 49ers (.561)

These teams all have a combined winning percentage of .500 or below for their remaining opponents. It is important to note that these are just projections, and the actual difficulty of a team’s schedule can vary depending on injuries, other factors.


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