Week 5 Waiver Wire 2015

Written by Kelly Smelser at Punch Drunk Wonderland

Week 5 is here and now we’re in the second week of byes across the NFL. Smart roster moves and solid waiver adds are what keep the ship sailing through the bye weeks. Key injuries, roster shake ups, and new players emerging make up some of the highlights of waiver options this week.

Here’s a look at players to target on the Week 5 Waiver Wire. Good luck!

Derek Carr (QB, Oakland Raiders)

Carr is a repeat, but he’s a good one. After two solid weeks he struggled in Week 4 versus the Bears. He certainly has upside and having weapons like emerging stars Amari Cooper and Latavius Murray help. The Week 5 matchup against Denver is a bad one, but he’s probably still worth stashing for a rainy day.

Jay Cutler (QB, Chicago)

Cutler started off slow and then was injured in Week 3. For that reason he’s probably out there on the waive wire. While it’s in his nature to be inconsistent, Cutler is a worthwhile option if you need QB help. He looked decent in Week 4 and the upside for him is very soon he’ll have an elite receiver option in Alshon Jeffery returning.

Todd Gurley (RB, St. Louis Rams)

Gurley blew up in Week 4 for the Rams. The top rookie RB of the draft finely made his way on to the field and was given a chance to shine. While his production won’t be this good every week, it’s certainly something to feel good about. He likely was picked up in your league’s draft, but he should be picked up if he’s out there.

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