UNC Basketball: Good To Be Here

Originally posted on TarHeelBlog  |  By Max Sloan  |  Last updated 3/23/2022

Earlier this year, legendary blues artist Keb’ Mo’ released an album. It’s called Good to Be, and it’s a worthwhile listen and comes highly recommended from this sports blogger. The title track of the album was written while Keb’ was spending time back in his neighborhood in Compton, and the chorus starts with a recognition that “it’s good to be here… it’s good to be anywhere.”

This is as delicate a distillation of a universal truth as you will find throughout blues music, a genre built on the common ground of, well, the blues. This song isn’t focused so much on the loss or plain bad luck that you may find in other blues records; this is instead a celebration of being here—of being somewhere.

We could learn a lot from this California-born blues singer. Both Tar Heels teams are playing in the Sweet Sixteen; that’s a very good thing. As the days fall away from the calendar and we head deeper and deeper into March, to still be playing is a blessing that deserves celebration. It’s good to be here, indeed, playing after the equinox in the best tournament in the world of college athletics.

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