Helio Castroneves wins Indy 500 for record-tying fourth time

By Erin Walsh  |  Last updated 5/30/21

Helio Castroneves beat Alex Palou to win his record-tying fourth Indy 500 title on Sunday at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The Brazilian then scaled the fence for his victory celebration in front of about 135,000 fans, the most spectators at a sporting event since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ranking the Career Records of Peyton Manning

Written by Pablo Figueroa at Sporting Charts

Barring some truly tragic turn of events, Broncos QB Peyton Manning will break Dan Marino’s career total passing yards record this Sunday versus the Kansas City Chiefs. With 71,836 yards through the air over 14 seasons, Manning stands only 3 measly yards behind the legendary Marino, whose mark once seemed unbeatable when he retired by the end of the last century. Manning already had a chance to break the record in Week 9, but his final pass was intercepted and sealed Denver’s loss in Indianapolis, where Manning initially forged his legend. Instead, Peyton will get the opportunity to do it at home, against a franchise he has obliterated by winning 12 of his 13 starts against it.

This new record will be a welcome addition to the seemingly endless collection of records that the elder Manning holds in NFL annals. While we could chuckle and point out how he leads the world in commercials and endorsements, or try to question his place in history by pointing out his questionable track record in the postseason, it is undeniable that Manning still holds a special position in the evolution of the league. He will retire as a first-ballot, inner-circle Hall of Famer, while many of his records are bound to be unbreakable or at least hold serve for a long time.

As Peyton’s career starts to dwindle and we may be getting to the point of no return, he seems bound to get another shot at the playoffs, and has at least the rest of this season to break more records or pad his stats in the ones he already holds. With his eventual rise to the top of the NFL’s career passing leaderboard, today we take a look at some of the most relevant records held by Manning and rank them according to their importance and impressiveness. Even if some of these records are eventually broken, I bet we will be talking about Manning 20 years from now with the same kind of awe.

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