NFL Black Monday 2019: What Coaches Are Being Fired?

Why is the Monday directly following the last game of the NFL season each year so important in the NFL?

It is typically the day that most NFL teams fire their head coach, and/or coordinators,  and/or general managers after a season of unfulfilled expectations.

Some teams don’t even wait till this “official day” any more like the Cleveland Browns (who are always firing coaches) and the Green Bay Packers, who made a rare change.

The mid-season causalities were former Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson and former Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy.

Now, we’re awaiting the reports of the next wave of firings. So, follow along as the announcements come after the NFL Week 17 games.


he Miami Dolphins made the playoffs in the 2016 with a 10-6 record, which was head coach Adam Gase’s first season with the team. But since then, Gase has gone 6-10 in 2017 and 7-9 in 2018. His job reportedly was on the line coming into this season and with another losing season completed…it was just a matter of time before he was let go, according to multiple NFL sources. The guessing game with Gase’s status is over and he’s been fired, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. In addition to the Gase firing, Schefter reported that the Dolphins made some front office changes concerning former Executive Vice-President Mike Tannenbaum.


The Cincinnati Bengals were guided by Marvin Lewis for 16 seasons and in that time he compiled a 131-122-3 record. But the glaring “black eye” on his resume was an 0-7 record in the playoffs and that’s what finally cost Lewis his job. Lewis was officially fired by the Bengals, according to the NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero. Many people thought the team was going to fire Lewis last season but owner Mike Brown brought him back for one more year and the Bengals went 6-10, which was the team’s third straight losing season.


As of Sunday night, there was no official word on the status of the Denver Broncos head coaching job, but John Elway, the Denver Broncos president of football operations/general manager, flirted with the idea of canning head coach Vance Joseph last season in what would have been a “one-and-done” situation in the mile high city. But it appears that Joseph will not survive this year’s NFL Black Monday situation. Fox NFL Insider Jay Glazer said on Fox NFL Sunday that he believes Vance Joseph will be one of the coaches fired for the NFL’s Black Monday. Joseph didn’t have to wait long on Monday morning to find out his fate as Elway fired him, according to the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. Joseph didn’t have a great quarterback in his two seasons in the mile high city as he went 5-11 last season and 6-10 this season. He left the Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator position to take the Broncos head coaching job and according to NFL sources, he might land as a team’s defensive coordinator for the 2019 season.

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Packers fire Mike McCarthy

The Packers have made a shocking mid-season change, firing head coach Mike McCarthy, the team announced in a statement posted to Twitter.

The team also announced that offensive coordinator Joe Philbin would take over as interim coach. While McCarthy was widely known to be on the hot seat, an in-season change is still a surprise because of his history with the team. The change comes immediately after the Packers’ embarrassing home loss to the Cardinals, where they lost as massive favorites.

A source told Adam Schefter of ESPN that the team brought McCarthy in immediately after the game and let him go, and that McCarthy was “not expecting it”. The “writing was on the wall” already, but today’s loss was the “final straw” for McCarthy, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, who notes that McCarthy will be “very desirable” as a free agent.

McCarthy has been linked to the Browns’ opening in recent weeks, and he should be considered a strong candidate for that job. This was the 13th season in Green Bay for McCarthy, who won a Super Bowl with the team back in 2010. There’s been rumors for a couple years now that McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers haven’t seen eye-to-eye, and things appeared to reach a boiling point in recent weeks with multiple tough losses.

By Andrew Ortenberg

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How Has Mike McCarthy Lasted in Green Bay?

Written by Albert Breer at

From where Mike McCarthy is sitting, on a bench and under a tent by the Packers’ practice fields, he could turn left, look over a fence and see Lombardi Avenue. Holmgren Way is right in front of him, beyond a set of stands. And now, McCarthy has one of his own—to his right, the former Potts Avenue, renamed Mike McCarthy Way in 2014.

Heady stuff? Sure it is. Vince Lombardi turned the Packers into one of the league’s flagship franchises in the ’60s, and Mike Holmgren restored that greatness in the ’90s.

Now, here’s what you might not realize: McCarthy actually has been in Green Bay for considerably longer than either of those two legends. (Lombardi coached the Packers for nine seasons; Holmgren seven.) What’s more, if it’s up to him, he won’t be leaving anytime soon.

“I’m young for this league, I feel like I’m just going into the prime of my career as a football coach,” McCarthy said, with conviction in his voice. “I think it’s obvious that I’d like to be here for as long as I coach. What we’ve established here, it’s a great place. It’s a great place to live. It’s a great place to coach. Best fans in the world. So I won’t be rushing out.”

Late Raiders patriarch Al Davis used to say that coaches have a shelf life of 10 years in one place, before their message grows stale and their voice loses its effect. When Bill Walsh left the Niners in 1988, after three titles and 10 seasons, Walsh reiterated that sentiment.

McCarthy, now at 12 years, isn’t buying it.

And it’s not that he thinks Davis or Walsh were full of it. No, McCarthy sees it as something that came into focus for him when he sat down with ex-Steelers coach Bill Cowher earlier this year—times have simply changed.

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