Jeremy Lin considering playing in China next season

Jeremy Lin still is not drawing any significant interest from NBA teams more than a month after the start of free agency, and he acknowledged this week that he is considering the possibility of playing overseas.

Lin was in Guangzhou, China, on Friday endorsing Chinese sportswear brand Xtep when a reporter asked him if he has thought about playing in the Chinese Basketball Association next year. The 30-year-old admitted he has.

“Of course I am thinking about the CBA,” Lin said, via Jonathan White of the South China Morning Post. “I don’t know where I will be next year, so I don’t have expectations. I know what level I can play at, so if I don’t get that I won’t settle.”

Lin’s top choice would obviously be continuing to play in the NBA, but it’s unclear if he will get a shot. Regardless of what he chooses, he says happiness is his No. 1 priority.

“I want to be happy, that is the main thing,” Lin said. “When you are competing, everything is about the NBA. But I am 30 now, the main thing is to be happy.”

Lin became emotional during a recent public appearance and said he feels like the NBA has given up on him . He averaged 9.6 points per game last season in time split between the Atlanta Hawks and Toronto Raptors, and it sounds like he already has at least one opportunity to play overseas. There should be plenty of others if he chooses to go that route.

By: Steve DelVecchio

Stoudemire and Anthony’s Beef Keeps Growing

Written by Marc Berman at

The war between Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire escalated Monday.

In ramping up their feud, Anthony went right back at Stoudemire on Twitter, unleashing three quotations in which he appears to refer to his former Knicks sidekick as being “petty’’, “resentful”, showing “insecurity” and being a “sucker.’’

As the Knicks’ season tumbles out of control, with the third-worst record in the Eastern Conference (25-36), Anthony wouldn’t let it go.

In his first trip back to the Garden since last February’s buyout, Stoudemire, now with the Heat, insinuated before Sunday’s game Anthony ran Jeremy Lin out of town and hasn’t stepped up as a franchise leader.

After the Heat pummeled the Knicks, Anthony seemed shocked to hear of Stoudemire’s allegations and said the new Heat starting power forward “probably’’ was not referring to him regarding Linsanity. Stoudemire, in part, said of Lin’s exit: “He was becoming a star, and I didn’t think everyone was pleased with that.’’

Anthony left the locker room disappointed Sunday about old story lines resurfacing, admonishing the Knicks writers, saying he held them “to higher standards than that.’’

Monday afternoon, Anthony posted a series of three quotations from Robert Greene, author of “The 33 Strategies of War,’’ that undoubtedly were aimed at Stoudemire’s comments.

“When you show yourself to the world and display your talents, you naturally stir all kinds of resentment, envy and other manifestations of insecurity … you cannot spend your life worrying about the petty feelings of others #StayMe7o”

Anthony then added a second, more abstract missive: “An emotional response to a situation is the single greatest barrier to power, a mistake that will cost you a lot more than any temporarily satisfaction you might gain by expressing your feelings. #StayMe7o”

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