Steph Curry’s heroics are the lone bright spot of the late NBA season

Originally posted on RealGM  |  By Colin McGowan  |  Last updated 4/22/21

We hit this point every year, where the games seem not to matter very much and all the best teams are just trying to get into the playoffs with their full roster intact. It’s usually a March phenomenon, but we’re time-shifted this go round, with the postseason starting in mid-May rather than late April. We normally spend some of this period yammering about the MVP race, but the limits of our collective imagination, forces that dictate we must always be having the Most Important conversations have rendered than an ongoing debate that kicks off around game 20 and spends itself entirely by All-Star Weekend. Having smoked the whole pack, what we’re left with is the tar-ghostly aftertaste of some really inconsequential basketball, in the midst of a season soaked in ennui. Everybody has to muddle through, and they will. The world will soon feel like a less forbidding place, NBA players will stop making small talk with their hotel room walls, and we’ll all get a little more free.

In the meantime, the only thing worth following is Steph Curry. With Klay Thompson’s Achilles tear, James Wiseman’s up and down and now-kaputt season, Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre’s “help,” and Draymond Green settling firmly into early old age, this is Steph’s Kobe-in-the-wilderness year. He’s carrying a hodge-podge and deathly not-great Warriors squad toward an early playoff defeat, because that is literally the most he can do. If he doesn’t break 30 points on a given night, they’re completely screwed. Last week, he posted 47 and Golden State lost to Boston by five.  

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