NHL still hoping to move to Phase 2 in late May

We haven’t seen an NHL game since the league decided to temporarily suspend their season on March 12, nearly two full months ago. Speculation during that time on if, when and how games would resume has run wild, without any real concrete information being given to this point. Tuesday, Darren Dreger of TSN gives the newest update on what the league is hoping:

“Well the NHL is hopeful they’ll be able to initiate Phase 2 in later-May, but that’s all subject to a review and it is too early to start the review process. The NHL though is encouraged by the markets that are loosening up but their cautiously optimistic and monitoring carefully to see if there will be any setbacks. The motto is simply: better safe than sorry.”

Phase 2 was defined by the league and players’ association as a time “during which Players might return to small group activities in NHL Club training facilities” not, quite importantly, a training camp for the teams (which is Phase 3). That means we are still several weeks away from players even gathering together to start skating in a best-case scenario.

Of course, even that plan would need to be signed off on from the union. Tuesday, Justin Holl voiced some concerns about the American-born players returning to Canada without a concrete plan in place for when they’ll be back in game action. Players do not want to be quarantined from their families for several months, meaning they’ll have to come to some sort of an agreement before any plan is put in place.

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