Monday Finish: Rahm’s outburst, tweaks at Augusta, celebrity beatdowns

Originally posted on  |  By Dylan Dethier  |  Last updated 1/24/2022

Welcome back to the Monday Finish, where we’re still amazed that Patrick Mahomes threw for 177 yards in two minutes — the same amount of time it would take some Tour players to hit one shot that same distance. Let’s get to it!

As the sporting world focused its gaze on four fantastic football games over the weekend, only a couple golf moments broke through the noise. But two of them came on the same subject: course setup. Both were spoken with passion. Both were refreshingly honest. And both spoke to the difficulty of setting up a golf course for elite competition.

The first came courtesy of Jon Rahm, who was captured unleashing a string of expletives as he walked off one green at PGA West during Saturday’s round, which can be loosely translated as follows: “Piece of s— f—- setup. Putting contest week.”

Read the full article here.


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