‘Momentum at the presidential level’ for Big Ten to cancel fall sports?

Originally posted on Larry Brown Sports By Steve DelVecchio | Last updated 8/9/20

One of the major college conferences could be inching close to canceling fall sports, meaning the 2020 football season would either be nixed or postponed until the spring.

Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports reports that top officials from the Big Ten are expected to have a conference on Sunday night to discuss the future of the football season. They also held a call on Saturday, and Thamel says there is “momentum at the presidential level to cancel fall sports.”

The Big Ten has already announced that it will hold a conference-only football schedule, but schools were recently informed that there is a chance the season will not begin in the fall. Playing a conference-only schedule would allow the Big Ten to move its season to the spring even if other major conferences still played in the fall, though it would increase the probability of other conferences wanting to follow the same path.

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