McGregor, Mayweather Might Actually Happen

Written by Brandon Wise at

Conor McGregor told us from the beginning this was going to happen. Despite doubting him and it, McGregor continues to press forward towards making it a reality.

The next step of that came on Wednesday when UFC president Dana White confirmed McGregor had signed his side of the contract to fight Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match.

“It is an honor to sign this record breaking deal alongside my partners Zuffa LLC, The Ultimate Fighting Championship and Paradigm Sports Management,” McGregor said via his website.

“The McGregor side is done,” White said Wednesday during an interview on “Inside the NBA” on TNT. “I’m starting to work on the Mayweather side now.”

White said he now needs to speak with Al Haymon and Mayweather to hammer out the final aspects of this contract, which is still obviously a significant part of the deal because without Mayweather, there’s no fight.

But to think of how far this fight has come in just over a year is crazy. McGregor (21-3 in MMA) has never stepped foot in a boxing ring for a match. Now, he’s one step closer to going toe-to-toe with possibly the best boxer of all time in Mayweather (49-0).

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