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Kobe on 1-14 Shooting: “I Could’ve Scored 80 Tonight. It Wouldn’t Have Made a Damn Difference.”

Kobe Bryant

Written by Alex Putterman at Bloguin

Despite shooting 1-14 from the field in Tuesday’s blowout loss to the Golden State Warriors, Kobe Bryant is not taking much blame.

“I’m not really worried about it, honestly,” Bryant said, according to ESPN. “My shooting will be better. I could’ve scored 80 tonight. It wouldn’t have made a damn difference. We just have bigger problems. I could be out there averaging 35 points a game. We’d be what, 3-11? We’ve got to figure out how to play systematically in a position that’s going to keep us in ballgames.”

Bryant is not necessarily wrong — the 2-12 Lakers certainly do have issues beyond their shooting guard’s play — but some ownership of arguably the ugliest game he’s ever played couldn’t hurt. Bryant tied the worst shooting performance of his career Tuesday, while shooting 1-7 from 3-point range, scoring four points, and committing three turnovers in 25 minutes in a 111-77 loss.

In 11 games this season, Bryant is averaging 15.2 points on a career-worst 31.1 percent shooting, which currently ranks dead last in the NBA. He has also been the league’s worst 3-point shooter, connecting on only 19.5 percent of his shots from behind the arc.

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