Karma Touches Down in Louisville

Bobby Petrino has made a career of burning bridges and somehow swimming to shore in time to watch the world crumble behind him, but karma is finally catching up.

Thursday night, Louisville punted away chance after chance after chance en route to a painful loss to Clemson. The Cardinals had hoped to start their ACC campaign on the right note after losing two non-conference games out of the gate. However, they couldn’t solve the Tigers… in large part because they couldn’t solve their own problems. The end of the game was emblematic of this team’s futility: botched snap, sack, a duck of an interception.

This season has been a nightmare for Louisville. The Cardinals lost to Auburn, in a game where they both outgained the Tigers and won the turnover battle, on a neutral field. The Cardinals followed that up with a razor-thin loss to Houston where they led three times, including twice in the fourth quarter. The September to misremember continued on Thursday with a winnable game that was chucked away by terrible game management and play selection.

This was the first time a Petrino-coached team, at the college level, has lost its first three games, and it’s only the second time any Petrino-coached college team has lost three in a row.

It couldn’t be happening to a more deserving coach.

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