Jim McElwain, the Emptiness of Anger, and Double Standard Towards Athletes

I am definitely late to the party on this, but that is only because I have been doing a lot of thinking. More specifically, some soul-searching, watching sunrises and sunsets, and things of that nature. Why am I thinking deeply? It’s all because Jim McElwain’s tirade, directed at Kelvin Taylor on Saturday, has brought us to the most crucial crossroads in the history of these particular United States of America.

(Well, at least it FEELS that important…)

That’s right. After McElwain went full Gary Busey (never go full Gary Busey, by the way), the debate has begun: Is America weak in the knees, soft in the shins, a country full of millennials so sick in the belly that the wussification of North America is nearing its completion?

Or, you know, did some older guy with a lot of power — making millions of dollars — throw a temper-tantrum at an unpaid laborer, because nothing shows a sign of power more than belittling another person who can do nothing about it?

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