It’s Ameer Abdullah Time in Your Fantasy Football League

Detroit Lions rookie running back Ameer Abdullah received some hyperbole fueled hype during the preseason when Jets coach Todd Bowles compared the back to Barry Sanders. Ok, pump the brakes. I’m excited about the rookie, but let’s give him a chance before we over hype him.

There’s plenty to be excited about. In Week 1 he saw the majority of touches and put together some solid production for his first NFL regular season game. 7 carries for 50 yards, 4 receptions for 44 yards, and a rushing touchdown is not too shabby. Especially on a day when the Lions offense only ran 47 plays. But, let’s dig deeper. Our friends at numberFire have taken a look at why now is the time to get excited about Abdullah.

To continue reading this article by Kelsey Smelser at Punch Drunk Wonderland, click here.


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