Is Florida State leaving the ACC?

Florida State’s Bold Move Could Crack Open the ACC:

Florida State’s upcoming Board of Trustees meeting might spark a legal firestorm, potentially challenging the ACC’s grant of rights and paving the way for the Seminoles’ exodus. This could trigger a domino effect, shattering the very foundation of the ACC. That’s right, a domino effect built on “coulds,” but this is conference realignment – a ruthless hunger for TV dollars that’s already swallowed the 108-year-old Pac-12 whole, forced Cal and Stanford into the ACC’s embrace, and even conjured the unimaginable: Rutgers-UCLA clashes.


Fueled by Frustration:

So why the drama? FSU yearns to escape the ACC’s grip, specifically its restrictive 20-year, $30 million-per-school ESPN deal. It promised stability, but the SEC and Big Ten’s bulging media rights contracts (potentially doubling the ACC’s pittance) paint a bleak financial future for the Seminoles and their conference mates.


But is escaping the fire a leap into the void?

For FSU, the question isn’t just “how do we leave?”, but “where do we land?”. Whispers in SEC and Big Ten circles suggest, despite FSU’s football pedigree, they wouldn’t be welcomed with open arms. Clemson, another powerhouse, faces similar skepticism.


The Unknowns Remain:

This gambit could be Florida State’s liberation – or a costly miscalculation. Only time will tell if the Seminoles truly become the dog that catches the car, and if catching it means finding a welcoming kennel in the ever-shifting landscape of college athletics.


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