How Real is the Madden Curse?

When Odell Beckham Jr. beat out Rob Gronkowski in a popular vote to determine the next player to don the cover of the iconic Madden videogame series, it probably represented the peak of his popularity, and the confirmation of just how much his unreal catches have resonated among football fans. Even in a down period for the New York Giants, Beckham represents the future of the franchise, and the hope of better days. That is, if he can beat out the Madden Curse, as well.

It may be a bit dumb to think about it this way, but it is also fun and strange to consider having this honor turn into a potential booby-trap, as anecdotal evidence can point out to the many instances in which cover players suffered a bad turn following their appearance on the cover. In a way, it makes sense, as this spot is reserved to only the best and most visible players, trying to take advantage of their absolute peak. It would then seem natural that regression rears its ugly head, but the idea of the curse resides on the extreme circumstances many of these players have found after being on the cover.

So how bad has it been for the cover boys, really? Today we take a chronological look at all the players that have appeared on the cover since 1999. Before that, all covers included only John Madden. The curse has failed to get to him, though, as he is enjoying his retirement with a net worth north of $200 million. Not bad for a guy who used to eat turkey on live TV.

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