Hang time: Check out 23 epic Michael Jordan dunks

By Pat Heery  |  Last updated 4/16/20

You cannot tell the story of Michael Jordan without dedicating a chapter to how he popularized the dunk. Interestingly, because dunks were not officially tracked until after Jordan’s career with the Chicago Bulls, MJ’s Basketball-Reference page shows him having a measly 41 career dunks — all of which were as a member of the Washington Wizards (2001-03), and none of which were particularly memorable.

Thankfully, there are countless highlight reels of Air Jordan’s dunks, and in anticipation of the first episode of ESPN’S Jordan documentary series “The Last Dance” (Sunday, 9 p.m. ET),  I’ve compiled 23 of No. 23’s greatest jams. The following list is numbered but not ranked in any particular order. If I had to rank my three favorites, however, I’d go with No. 22, No. 20 and No. 1. 

See if you agree with me …

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