Hang It Up, Tom Brady, We’ve Seen Enough

After 20 seasons, six NFL championships, nine Super Bowl appearances, three MVPs, 17 division titles, 14 Pro Bowl appearances and untold other individual accolades, the greatest of all time should retire.

During his post-game presser following Saturday night’s home wild-card loss to Tennessee, the Patriots’ Tom Brady dismissed the idea of retirement, or at least branded it highly unlikely, yet admitted he wasn’t entirely sure what his immediate future holds. All anyone knows for now is that his contract will void once the new league year begins in March, thus presumably touching off the biggest free-agent sweepstakes the league has seen — at least one featuring a 42-year-old quarterback.

If Brady is willing to play until he literally must be dragged from the field, some team undoubtedly will accommodate him. And it’s reasonable to figure he could physically withstand playing another year, or maybe even two. He has maintained that his goal is to play until he’s 45, and he’ll be 43 at the start of the 2020 season. But for the first time in his extended run in the NFL, it’s evident that returns are diminishing. 

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By Mike Tunison  |  Last updated 1/6/20

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