FIFPro Players Union Launch Legal Action Against FIFA

Things are going from bad to worse for FIFA. FIFPro, the union that represents footballers around the world, has begun a legal battle against FIFA against the current state of the transfer system. After long negotiations that went nowhere between FIFPro and FIFA (and UEFA as well), the world player’s union has launched a complaint to the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium.

This could shake up the way transfers are handled in the professional game as it could bring about the end of transfer fees and, in effect, could make it easier for players to move all meanwhile taking into consideration current contracts.

Along with the end of transfer fees, FIFPro wants the end of the loan system, squad size restrictions, and a cap on fees paid to agents.

Lawyers for FIFPro feel like the current system is anti-competitive because it puts an unreasonable amount of power on top-flight clubs (i.e. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, etc.) who can afford to pay these huge transfer fees.

So far FIFPro have demanded the restructuring of key elements that deal with player’s rights when dealing with a transfer. There are four major requests that the union has put forth and they are the following:

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