Bret Bielema Throws Jabs at Kliff Kingsbury, but He’s Already Lost the Fight

While Bret Bielema continues to dig deeper in the asteroid crater he has already carved into the earth, you have to give him one thing: he keeps being himself.

For about the 75th time this season, Bielema’s mouth has bitten off more than it can chew after Saturday’s home loss to a marginal Big 12 opponent in Texas Tech.

Following the loss in his media availability on Monday, Bielema apparently decided to live in the past and last year’s three-touchdown beatdown of the Red Raiders, saying “If that was an (hind quarters)-kicking, I’d love to know what last year was.”

While the comment was edited for the younger readers in the audience, you catch the drift of Bielema’s approach. After he was called out for that large trap by Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury, Bielema acted like the bully on the playground who can never just admit defeat.

Bielema then called Kingsbury out for being sensitive. While the so called “sensitive” Kingsbury is refusing to shoot back, the brave and noble Bielema will not drop the topic after his team failed to show up for a second straight week. He just might have larger fish to fry than a media battle against a supposedly inferior opponent.

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