Anthony Edwards is running away with the Rookie of the Year award

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By Spencer Davies  |  Last updated 4/25/21

Recency bias is one heck of a factor in how perceptions are created surrounding end-of-season awards in the NBA, but in the case of the Rookie of the Year, Anthony Edwards’ late-season surge is scooting him closer to the driver’s seat.

Though the Minnesota Timberwolves have an atrocious record when you look at the overall standings, considering the hardships the team has gone through in this 2020-21 campaign, they’ve been able to roll with the punches and stick with it under new head coach Chris Finch.

Edwards dealt with a tough start (what 19-year-old with no summer league and a shortened offseason wouldn’t?); however, he has gradually improved despite playing under two different coaches. Consistency is so crucial in the development curve, and for Edwards to respond to his own, and this team’s, adversity with star performance after star performance in the second half of the season says a lot about his maturity. The other impressive portion about his debut season is that he’s played in all 61 games, making him an ironman of sorts in a tumultous calendar year. There’s only five other players in his company.

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