Rockies Rookie Sets Record

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After touching ’em all with a home run trot, Rockies rookie Trevor Story reached out and touched the one person who could not be there in person at the ballpark: his late grandpa, the milkman.

“His name was Darrel Story. D-A-R-R-E-L. He died in 2012, during spring training,” Story told me Wednesday, after exhausting all his words on how he rewrote baseball history by hitting four home runs in three games to begin his major-league career.

Every time he rounds third and heads home, Story offers a quiet, little salute to his late grandfather as he hops on the plate. Rather than bat-flipping braggadocio, which seems to be all the rage in baseball, the 23-year-old Colorado rookie gives humble thanks after knocking a homer over the wall.

The gesture is so subtle and subdued, you might miss this home run celebration if not looking closely. Story gently raises his right fist under the chin, as if to push his head toward heaven, then briefly points to the sky and thanks Grandpa Darrel, who drove a Borden milk truck for a living in Texas on too many sizzling hot summer days to count.

“My grandfather was a big part of my baseball life. It’s a salute to him,” Story said. “He was at every single game. He would travel with me all through high school. My grandma, his wife, Norma, is with me right now, in Arizona, to see me play.”

Within a mind-blowing span of less than 72 hours, Story became the hottest trending word of the young baseball season.

“It’s kinda surreal,” he said, after the Rockies’ 4-3 victory against the Diamondbacks.

For those of you too busy picking your jaw off the floor to keep score at home, Story has smacked a fastball thrown by a Cy Young winner to the opposite field, reached out to jack a nasty slider into the bleachers, blasted an off-speed pitch into orbit with a 433-foot moon shot and, finally, during a Wednesday matinee, staked Colorado to an early lead with another towering homer that ricocheted off an electronic billboard at Chase Field

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