Seven Teams That Could Sign Mike Glennon

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Bears inform QB Mike Glennon of his impending release 
Mike Glennon had a career completion percentage of 59.4 and a YPA of 6.5 entering the 2017 season, so it seems so asinine that the Bears signed him to a big contract. Glennon predictably flopped as a starter, but should be a solid backup.

Here are some teams that could sign Glennon once he’s released:

New York Jets: If the Jets can’t retain Josh McCown, perhaps they’d sign Glennon to start while their first-round rookie gets ready, much like Mitchell Trubisky last year.

Buffalo Bills: I suppose the Bills could be desperate enough to give Glennon a starting job if they can’t do anything else at quarterback, but they should have better options.

Green Bay Packers: It would be difficult to imagine the Packers going into 2018 with Brett Hundley as the No. 2 quarterback again. They could stand to have a solid backup like Glennon.
Arizona Cardinals: I think the Cardinals will pursue A.J. McCarron or Case Keenum this offseason, but if they fail to get either one of them, they could target Glennon instead.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: It’s possible that Glennon could go back home to be Jameis Winston’s backup again, as Ryan Fitzpatrick is an impending free agent.
Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens need a better backup quarterback than the incompetent Ryan Mallett.
Philadelphia Eagles: If the Eagles trade Nick Foles, perhaps they’d bring in Glennon to take the snaps and start until Carson Wentz is ready to play, but my money would be on Sam Bradford in this scenario.

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