Essential Guide to Betting the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl 

This year’s NFL playoffs have been especially exciting. We saw several games come down to the wire in the Divisional Round, with the Vikings winning on the final play, a heave from Case Keenum to Stefon Diggs, which has now been dubbed, “The Minnesota Miracle.”  

Watching the games is exciting, but throw in a monetary stake, not just being a fan of the sport or your particular team, and you add a whole extra element.  

Though full-scale sports betting is only regulated in Las Vegas – much of the country bets through other avenues, such as offshore sportsbooks. Contrary to the belief of some, no U.S. federal law criminalizes placing sports bets online. State laws may vary, but few have laws against the act of placing a bet (being a bookie is another story), and even in states where this is illegal, it’s rarely, if ever, enforced.  

Anyway, if you’re looking to bet on the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl, here are some great tips to get you started. 

Familiarize Yourself with Sports Betting 

Betting on football is quite simple, but there are lots of different betting market aside from just point spreads and totals. Few outside of the online betting world understand the sheer number of betting options available.  

Learning the advantages and disadvantage of each bet type and forming a profitable NFL betting strategy is vital to success.  

Take Advantage of Bonuses 

One of the main reasons to bet online instead of with a local bookie is because new players will receive a bonus. Even in Las Vegas’ regulated sports betting environment, bonuses are not offered to players who bet at a book for the first time. Of course, there is a catch; they come with what is called a “rollover.” 

A rollover is the number of times you must wager your bonus, plus your original deposit before you can withdraw it. Rollovers typically are 3 to 6 times your deposit amount, plus the bonus amount. They can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand. 

Almost every online sportsbook offers a bonus. If you’re a new to online betting and don’t have many accounts – bonuses are easily hundreds, if not thousands of extra dollars added to your bankroll. Many sites offer promotions specifically for the Super Bowl, so be on the lookout, even if you already have signed up at several online sportsbooks and received bonuses before. 

Line Shopping 

If you’ve skipped most of this article and just read the headings – stop right here. Line shopping is the most important point I will make in this article and the one thing that will save you the most money when betting sports.  

It’s also one of the main reasons to utilize multiple sportsbooks. Too many bettors fall into the trap of using only a single online sportsbook. No winning bettors use just one sportsbook. Yes, you heard that there is not a single winning long-term bettor that using one sportsbook. 

Instead, you should spread your bankroll around multiple sportsbooks and always look for the best odds before placing a bet. The difference between +3 and +3.5 is massive in sports betting, especially in football. Paying -110 versus -115 on a bet may only seem like $5 if you’re placing a wager to win $100, but overall the long haul, it adds up to tens of thousands or more of savings. 

Certain sportsbooks have advantages over others. Some have reduced juice; some have better underdog lines, others post their lines earlier than others. Spread your bankroll around at multiple sportsbooks to use each operator’s strengths. Always get the best price you can on each bet, and you’re one step ahead of almost everyone else who bets sports. 

Choose A Reputable Sportsbook 

There are online sportsbooks that have been in business for decades that are excellent betting options for the Super Bowl. However, there are just as many poor options, as well. Choosing highly rated sportsbooks is extremely important when betting football. After all, it’s no use betting if you can’t get paid. 

What makes a good sportsbook? Well, for one longevity in the market. The longer a book operates in good standing – the better the option. Fast payouts are another critical factor. Do they pay players quickly, do they have a lot of options in their cashier? From there, you can move onto evaluating odds and bonuses. 

There are many sites that provide online sportsbook reviews. Review several sites before deciding and read up before you deposit. Picking a reputable sportsbook will save you a lot of headaches and betting is a lot more fun when you’re sure you’re getting paid. 

Utilize Cryptocurrencies 

Due to banking laws in the United States, processing online gambling transactions through traditional methods, like credit and debit cards and bank wires has become more onerous and costly for online betting sites. These methods are still available at almost all sportsbooks, but we don’t recommend them due to the processing speeds and savings of crypto-currencies. 

Bitcoin is the most popular, but many sites accept lots of other cryptos, including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, and more. Cryptocurrencies have much faster payout speeds than check, bank wire, and other options. They also cost a lot less too. 

Almost all sportsbooks offer withdrawals with cryptocurrencies free of charge. Traditional fiat methods may eat up 10 percent or more of profits. This is a massive amount of money that be taken out of your bankroll if you opt for checks and bank wires over cryptocurrency transactions.  

Use cryptocurrencies as your cashier method of choice and save plenty of time and money. 

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