Conor McGregor Already Saying He Could Beat Mayweather in a Rematch

Written by Kevin Skiver at CBS

After his loss to Floyd Mayweather in August, Conor McGregor isn’t just going to go away. McGregor said in an interview with BBC that he could beat Mayweather in a rematch, but he respects the 50-0 boxer’s decision to retire and didn’t want to make any guarantees regarding a potential rematch.

“If we had a rematch? I would correct it. And I would beat him,” McGregor said. “He’s retired, I’m not going to stay calling him out all the time — I’m going to leave him to it — if it happens, maybe it will, who knows? I would beat him. No doubt.”

McGregor also said that he hasn’t spoken to Mayweather since the fight.

“No, we haven’t spoken,” he said when asked. “I respect what [he’s done]. 50-0 — after the fact I was like … I accept [the loss] and just let him be. Maybe though. Who knows? We’ll see.”

However, the thought of a boxing rematch will have to wait, as McGregor has other titles to defend.

“The next [fight] will be a UFC bout,” he said. “It’ll be a mixed martial arts bout, 100 percent. I will defend my lightweight belt, and then boxing is certainly an interest of mine, no doubt.”

McGregor, of course, has a lot of things to juggle. He’s much more than a fighter at this point; he’s a personality, and he’s upholding a brand. The loss seems to have humbled him — albeit marginally — but he wouldn’t shirk away from a rematch. If Mayweather is listening, and Mayweather always seems to be listening, the idea is out there. Whether McGregor is “calling him out” or not, he certainly won’t shy away from talking about fighting the boxing champion again.

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